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Texas Joe the Bad Mother Fucker

There are very few things about the conservative south that I can appreciate, in fact, there is really only one I can think of at the moment; the way they deal with criminals and guns. Recently a 61 year old Texas man named Joe Horn caught a couple of people breaking into his neighbors house. The first thing Joe did was call 911. The second thing Joe did was grab his shot gun. The third thing he did was run out to confront the two guys, and shot the fuckers dead. 

 How many of us would do something like that? Sure we might do something if someone was breaking into our homes. But to protect a neighbors, that takes a certain level of courage/craziness, and Joe has it. Unfortunately, as you would expect some people are saying Joe should be prosecuted for shooting these guys. That he should have waited for the police and let them take care of it. Shooting these guys is no loss to society, and maybe if more people were like Joe, we'd have less crime on the streets. And as for waiting on the police… Come on, hours later when they would finally show up, the criminals would have been long gone. The only thing the police would have done is file a report, and go back to writing speeding tickets or hanging out at the local Starbucks. And for the people saying Joe should be prosecuted, they need to have their houses broken into, get tied up, and fucked in the ass while people take everything they own. At that point, I bet they would wish someone like Joe was living next door to them.


Chairboy said…
Totally agree, my view is that the moment that someone sets foot on your property without your permission, they forfeit all rights and priviledges.
However in the Nanny state society that we all seem to live in, on both sides of the Atlantic, the likely result if you grabbed a robber and restrained him, would be that you would get sued for wrongful confinement and probably sent down.
Anonymous said…
Texas Joe is my new Hero.
The world would be a better place with more fellas like him.
Althou, I'd let 'em break into my neighbours house.
Cos my neighbours are c*nts.

By the way, Cranky..are we related?
MGD said…
We are if you're buying...
Anonymous said…
A reply like that can only mean we are, my friend.
What'cha having?
MGD said…
I'm down for a pint of a good beer... Just make sure it's cold. None o that warm stuff you are famous for over there.