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Yippee Skippy No Prop 1

Western Washington voters, apparently read this blog and were smart about voting because it looks like Prop 1 is out. Prop 1, was proposed as the largest tax increase in the state to pay for a few miles of a light rail system, and some road improvements. A light rail system that we haven't even shown will improve traffic, and road improvements that we can guarantee won't improve traffic.

Check out the story on the Seattle PI, my favorite quote: "County Councilwoman Julia Patterson said it wasn't clear to her why voters said no" Seriously? You can't figure it out ? How about it was a butt load of money and we got nothing useful for it. Hey Julia, guess who I'm not voting for next time she's up for election. Yeah, bitches who are totally out of touch with the voters, that's who.

Lets hope that legislators spend all their time trying to come up with a new way to propose this, and fighting amongst themselves as to why it failed, instead of actually putting this on another ballet.