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10 Reasons to Hate Christmas

Last year around this time I did the 10 Things that Make Me Go Cranky at Christmas Time, I've decided to follow that up with this years 10 Reasons to Hate Christmas.

Reasons to hate christmas

10. Environmentalist throw out their beliefs with the trash - Read my posting on Christmas Garbage.

9. We spend money on pointless crap that usually get's forgotten about, broken, or lost by next Christmas - "In 2006, the average US household is expected to spend about $1,700 on Christmas and holiday spendings" according to a report in The Economist. Maybe if people weren't so obsessed with belongings, they could just sit back and enjoy spending time with family, instead of crying about wanting the latest game for their Xbox or PlayStation. Such as the new ACE COMBAT 6: Fires of Liberation game for my Xbox 360 that is out right now.

8. Speaking of air travel - Holidays are the busiest time of the year for air travel, which equals longer wait times, delayed flights, and other travel hassle. Yet, we all accept it as part of the holidays. And of course, the negative impact on the environment.

7. The fat get fatter - We start with Halloween candy, work through Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas eggnog, and top it off with a drunken blowout New Year's Eve. And we do this every year, with a New Year vow to lose some weight that we never follow through with.

6. More fires - Yep all those lights, dry trees, paper, and candles lead to one thing; people burning themselves. One report I read stated, "candle-related fires rise by 140%" during the holidays. Although I'm not complaining about the dumbass adults who start the fire, I do have an issue with that dumbass adult's kids being included when the house burns down on them.

5. More traffic accidents - let us take some ice and snow covered roads, add some holiday cheer in the form of alcohol, then drive home after that Christmas party.

4. Chinese toys - Most all toys we buy come from China. Many of these toys have been recalled due to safety issues lately. Not to mention, that they are manufactured by low paid, overworked people in a communist country. That doesn't stop anyone from buying them. Isn't it sad that websites have to publish articles titled 10 Green Toys for the Holidays because it would be too hard to find 20?

3. Political correctness -When I was a kid in school we actually would get a tree for our classroom and decorate it. But now we wouldn't want to offend anyone, s0 schools don't do that anymore. But does anyone go to the PTA, the school board, to complain? Nope, they protest at home because we wouldn't want to offend anyone. All those newspaper ads you all read looking for specials are all "holiday" specials, not "Christmas" specials. But that doesn't stop you from looking and buying. And my favorite is how companies have a holiday party instead of a Christmas party! If t-shirt hell made one, I'd buy the t-shirt that says "Merry Fucking Christmas Bitches!" and wear that for my company holiday party.

2. Did you finish your Christmas shopping? - How often do we hear this each year? Or how often do we say,? "I finally finished my Christmas shopping" or "I still need to finish my Christmas shopping." And we always say it in the same way; it's always a chore something we have to do for Christmas. Yet we do it anyway.

1. The holiday spirit - have you ever noticed how during Christmas, if someone does something nice it's because they are in the holiday spirit. It's like the rest of the year they are total asses, but since it's Christmas, they can be nice. What, you assholes can't be helpful for the sake of being nice!