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Early Morning Asshole

The break room counter in my office, has to the right a water cooler/heater. It's typical of most break rooms. It has a hot, room temp, and cold. Just to the right of that, is a stack of styrofoam cups. There is also a stack off to the left of the counter near the teas.

So, I'm at the water filling my mug with a little hot water to rinse it out. As I'm standing there, a guy, a good two feet taller then me comes into the room, and reaches over me to grab one of the styrofoam cups. Keep in mind he could have went to the other stack, but it would have involved taking an additional two steps to get to. In the process of grabbing the cup, he elbows me on the side of the head. It wasn't hard, but still he did it, and it was rude. He could have waited two second for me to finish, or like I said, grab a cup from the other stack. But what really pissed me off is, he didn't do what most of us would do, which is immediately apologize. So of course irritated I was like "Excuse me." In retrospect I should have said "excuse you" but it was early and my mind hadn't woken up yet. At this point he says a quick, "oh sorry" then goes to start his coffee and leaves the room while it brews. As I finished what I was doing, I slowly get more and more aggravated. Maybe because it was early, or maybe because I was a little shocked, but I didn't actually get as mad as I normally would have while he was there. And unfortunately or maybe it was a good thing, but instead of waiting for him to come back and immediately punch him in the nuts, I left and went to bitch to a friend of about it.

As I'm writing this, I realize the appropriate response would have been to spit in his cup while he was out of the room.

It's people like this guy, that are why I don't want to be a Microsoft FTE, and why I enjoyed not being here so much over the summer. As I've posted before, they think everything revolves around them, and they don't even notice when other people are in the room. Unless of course, that other person in the room is a higher up manager, then they totally know that person is in the room. Fucking ass hounds!!!


Rooster said…
Two words: Omnipotent Stick.
Anonymous said…
The egocentrisism oozes from the doors of the buildings.

He wouldn't have known about the spit which defeats the point. I would have taken his cup away and let the coffee brew without one.