Veep Drinking Game


One of the things about working where I do is, I can have one day with no work at all, and the next be totally swamped. Yesterday was one of the former. So like many other office employees, I was killing time by playing solitaire. I didn't want to play on my computer, so I decided to play the version that comes with my iPod. On my computer or with cards, I occasionally win a game. Against my iPod I always loose... always. I mentioned this to a buddy of mine only to find out he has the same problem. Has anyone ever finished a game of solitaire on the thing? Or this this just some lame joke by Steve Jobs and the Apple crew?

I'll add this to the list of reasons that when this one breaks I'm buying something else. Now I just need another company to come out with an MP3 player that has solitaire on it.