Sneaky Apple

Since most everyone has iTunes, or some other Apple related product on their computer; you might have noticed something recently. I'm sure we've all seen this window pop up "New software is available from Apple". And we generally just look at this as a software update and hit install. But if you notice, Safari is one of those updates. Yes, it's not an update but a sneaky instillation of the Safari web browsers.

I recently unintentionally installed Safari, and besides not being impressed by it, I was a little irritated by the fact that they went through this method to get it on my computer. Imagine if Microsoft did something similar with it's Media Player or Zune updates. How many law suites do you think would have been filed against them? How many news stories or people throwing a fit on the internet would we find? Yet for some reason, I've seen no news on this, and little web traffic. Is it because Apple is everyones little darling, selling us the cute iPod with the ever so cool iPhone, and Microsoft is the corporate tyrant buying up most any company that stands in its way? Well, as far as this cranky blogger is concerned the only thing Apples are good for, is baking into pies.