Brat on the Airplane

Have you ever had to spend 10 hours in the economy seats on an airplane? How about 10 hours in the economy seats, sitting behind some little kid who spends 8 of those 10 hours making noise? I have. This little kid climbed all over the place, cried every time she didn't get what she wanted, and the parents did nothing. I mean nothing at all to stop her! When the plane was getting ready to land, the girl didn't want to put on her seatbelt, and the parents didn't try to make her. They asked her if she would put it on. She said no. So they didn't ask her again. The steward and stewardess had to come around multiple times and say something. The final time the mom was like, "she doesn't want to wear it." and the stewardess said she had to. So the mom actually made the stewardess put the seatbelt on the kid.

The only saving grace for me was that I was behind the kid and not in front. The couple in front of the kid had it way worse, because she kept kicking and grabbing the seats in front. They had way more patience that I would have in that situation.

Airlines should implement a policy if your child is unruly, they can fine you. This would generate revenue for the struggling airlines, and motivate parents to actually be parents for a few hours.