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In Need of a Spanking

A friend forwarded this to me. This 7-year old kid stole his grandmothers SUV and went on a joyride, hitting cars, and other random stuff before wrecking it.

The grandmother seems to be the only reasonable person involved. Her comment is that she'd beat his ass, if the state wouldn't take him away for her doing it.

The police of course didn't do anything. The kids were driving around for a while wrecking the SUV. Where were the cops? They were called, but apparently to busy writing speeding tickets to go catch a 7 year old.

And this kid! They should just send him to jail now, and save society from having to deal with him later on. When they interview him, he shows no remorse at his actions. Shows no concern that he could have killed someone. And thinks his punishment should be a weekend without video games.

Come on people, let grandma beat this boy to the edge of his life! That's the kind of lesson this kid needs.