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The Draining Drain Drains

On July 8th the drain pipe of the 3rd floor break room sink, here at Microsoft land. When walking into the break room, people were confronted by a large puddle of dirty water and yellow "wet floor" cones. Most people ignored the leaking drain and continued to use it, only contributing to the puddle on the floor, knowing that someone else would be responsible for cleaning up the mess. Eventually someone did clean up the mess, and tape off the sink in order to stop the typical Microsoft employee from using it.

The next day, July 9th, the plumber ordered the replacement parts, and added a note that the parts had been ordered.

July 15th, we still have a sign that the parts have been ordered, and a sink that does not work…

How the hell does it take so long to get parts to fix a drain? It's two pipes fitted together. I had a faucet in my house from 1980 that they don't even make any more. A trip to an actual plumbing store and it was fixed that day. Yet because this is the Microsoft contracted plumber, they probably have forms to fill out, and specific companies to order through. So now, the people who work here can't use the sink because we are waiting on a part to arrive for eastern Russia somewhere, because the plumber couldn't run down to the local hardware store.

7/16/08 Update: I went into the break room yesterday and someone had taken the time to type and print a few words, then taped it to the sync. Today I had my camera with my, and was planning on taking a picture of it, but in-between then and now, someone took the document down. I'll try to paraphrase from memory, " Actually this sync was broken on the 7th not the 9th, and my 80 year old grandmother could fix a sync in less time with parts purchased down at the Home Depot." it had a couple other choice sentences as well. Hopefully they will repost it and I can get that picture.


Anonymous said…
We could post our own and take a picture, but I guess that would kinds be cheating on objective office observation.
MGD said…
we could, but that would take some work on our part.