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Helmet Law

This was sent by one of my cranky readers.

Contrary to what you know it all bicyclist believe, there is no federal U.S. law that requires you to wear a helmet while riding a bike. So keep your fucking comments to yourself.

I was out with my kids on the Burke Gillman trail last wed. and everyone felt the need to yell at me for not making my kids wear a helmet. My daughter who is 6 and was riding a training wheel bike did have a helmet but the strap broke so we left it in the car. Plus she can't go faster than 2 miles and hour and sits so low to the ground even if she did fall it would be impossible to hurt herself. My son had his helmet most of the time on put his is to small and was pinching his neck. He too was going very slow cause we were always waiting for his sister to catch up. So next time you feel the need to criticize maybe you should get all the information first or even better mind your own Fucking business.

I couldn't agree more with this person. Most everyone in this country grew up not wearing a helmet and somehow we managed to survive. If I were this person, and was out with my children, and someone said something like that to me, I probably would have pushed them over on their bike, and starting kicking them as they cried on the ground, like the little bitches they are.

I also want to add one correction. It's true we don't have a national or state law requiring helmets, but some counties and cities do require helmets. Although I don't recall ever seeing it up for a vote.

Here is the link to Washington State Bicycling laws. And unfortunately King and Snohomish counties are included.

For those Seattle residents complaining about stupid laws. Tuesday July 8th at 7:00 the Seattle City Council is holding a hearing about adding a 20 cent charge, to every paper and plastic bag you use at the grocery store. If you don't complain now, you will when this is passed. It doesn't solve the problem, it only allows the city to make money off it.


Anonymous said…
20 cents! The bag probably costs a fraction of a penny! Look, I think we shouldn't even have plastic bags, but don't throw the "we're saving the planet" guise over your real intent on forcing a tax without representation. Bull Shit Alert!
MGD said…
yep, they are using a real problem to come up with some BS not well thought up law around it.

And FYI, you shouldn't comment on peoples blogs at 3:20 in the morning, you left this comment on the wrong post...