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Start Learning Spanish White Boy

The U.S. Census Bureau is reporting that by the year 2042 good old whitey will no longer be the majority of the population. If you read the story on MSNBC, at least, that's how they make it sound. Technically that's not true. Yes, there won't be more white folk than minorities anymore, but Caucasians will still be the majority, as compared to any individual minority. So to all you conservatives sweating it out, don't worry, it's just that when all the groups are combined you won't be the top dogs.

If you want to know the largest growing population, assuming you can't guess, it's the Hispanic population. Besides all the immigration, those Mexicans are breeders. The Hispanic population is projected to double. And as anyone who has visited a fast food restaurants knows, they don't speak English all that well, so start studying Spanish, because one of these days, it might be the only way you will be able to order that Big Mac.