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Bad Call McCain

Ever since hearing that McCain and Obama were going to be the presidential nominees, I've been eagerly awaiting their choices for vice president. The reason for this, is I actually like both candidates. I've been a fan of Obama ever since I first heard of the guy. And I've always said McCain should have been the candidate the first time around, when he ran against Bush. I agree with both candidates of different issues, so for me it came down to the running mates. This last Friday McCain announced that Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska as his running mate. I was worried that he would choose Mitt (The Ratt) Romney, but I think this choice was almost as bad, if not worse. Besides the fact that she's an obvious attempt at winning over some of the disgruntled Hillary voters, she has many, many other reason why she's a conservatives wet dream and not the right person to be that close to running the national government.

She's a hypocrite: This seems to be the party platform for Republicans lately. "Do what I say not what I do." She's in favor of teaching abstinence in school instead of safe sex, yet her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. I guess she doesn't teach it at home. Not only that, the daughter was impregnated by an 18 year old. Some states in the union might consider that rape. Apparently Alaska isn't one of them.

She's against abortion in all cases, including incest and rape: Apparently she's never heard the nature nurture debate. Lets start with nature. Many people who have never met their natural parents pick up many of their traits or characteristics. Well, one of this kids parents is a rapist, potentially leading to the child being the same. On the nurture side, this child might be raised by the mother. A mother who sees the rapist father in the eyes of the baby.

She is pro-death for felons: I agree with her on this, but it is a little hypocritical. It's okay to kills someone after they've killed someone else, but not before they are born and grow up to become a dysfunctional member of society.

She believes creationism should be taught in school instead of evolution: I wonder if she's ever heard of the concept, "separation of church and state"? Last I checked the taxes I pay, which are collected by the government, go towards my local public school. And last I checked creationism comes straight from the bible and religion.

She has five children: I've always believed there is something wrong with people who have to many children. Also it appears she wasn't aware that the older you get, when you do have children, the odds of something abnormal happening increase. For example, having a child with down syndrome

She doesn't believe humans are having a negative impact on the planet (global warming): that's right, 99.9 percent of the climate scientists are telling is this if a fact, but she doesn't need to worry about that, she lives in Alaska and knows that what happens here on earth doesn't matter, because everything will be fine in heaven. The place conservative Republicans go when they die.

She opposes listing the polar bear as endangered: Because if that were to happen it might interfere with her plans to stick drilling rigs all over the state of Alaska.

She fires anyone who disagrees with her: As governor, and mayor before that, she has set the standard that people better fall in line our they will be cut. That's not a good way to govern, because at some point you surround yourself with "yes men", and don't always hear all point of view. s

Experience: Isn't this the reason Republicans are saying Obama shouldn't be president? Hey, he's got twice as much experience as her, and at least it's in Washington D.C. with the other politicians. She's got two years as a governor in Alaska. She didn't even get into politics until 1992, where she was on the city council of Wasilla Alaska. Ever heard of it? Me neither…

About the only thing I agree with her on is that she's a fiscal conservative. In Alaska she has done an excellent job of managing the budget, and cutting waste. But this one positive hardly balances out the many negatives she brings to the McCain ticket.

9/4/08 Corrections to this post:
Above I stated she "She believes creationism should be taught in school instead of evolution" This turns out not to be true. According to an article in the Anchorage Daily New, she is
quoted as saying that she believes creationism should be allowed to be discussed in school, that it should not be a taboo subject. I have no problem with her stance on this.

As The Rooster pointed out in one of his comments, I did make up the 99.9% figure when referring to scientists who believe in human caused global warming. Although the majority do believe this is a fact. According to The Roosters response it's more like 82%. I think that number is outdated and the current number to be much higher. After watching her acceptance speech, it appears I am correct in my statement as to her belief on the subject of global warming.


Rooster said…
I'll be the first to admit I don't know sh*t about Palin.

I just wanted to outline a couple things here and what I say, I'm not leaning towards or against her because I haven't developed an opinion yet.

1) You can't nail her for her daughter being pregnant. Whether it is for or against her beliefs, that's not her fault. Kids will be kids and will do what they want, especially at that age. Also, from Obama's own words: The kids actions should not be considered. Families are off limits.

2) The abortion view vs. the death penalty of felons view: I thought we were a country based on "innocent until proven guilty"? Aborting a child based on rape is not fair to the child. You're voting to kill him/her because there is a "chance" they might be a rapist when they grow up too, even if they never met the father? That's not American at all. Incest is a different story... knowing the defects and death rate of incestual beings, it might be better off just to save the baby from a life of nothing but pain and um, freakishness.

3) Creationism being taught instead of evolution: There's a touchy subject. Personally, I think that ALL theories on the start of the universe should be taught. The FACT is all explanations on the beginning of the universe are THEORIES. Just ask Darwin - he denounced his own theory on his death bed. That and the fact that evolution is part of what can easily be considered a religion as well: Humanism. Maybe the best bet is to wipe out all text book descriptions of how we were created - whether the "Big Bang" or "God said it and BANG there everything was".

4) Global warming: If you want your argument here to have any valor, make sure you have the right numbers. Quote: Eighty-two percent of climate scientists agreed with the statement,
“We can say for certain that global warming is a process already
underway.” Approximately one-third (31.9 percent) said they
“strongly agree” with the statement and only 2.6 percent said they “strongly disagree.” Having the right numbers will help your argument. Me, I just support taking care of our Earth, regardless of the global warming theory.

As Forrest Gump said "And that's about all I got to say for now"
MGD said…
1) I agree with Obama's stance on the family issues, and I think he has done an excellent job of taking the high road. But I'm not Obama. The reason I point it out is that it illustrates the flaw with abstinence education. Most abstinence education teaches, "don't have sex. Even if you do use protection you will still probably get pregnant." I've read a few studies that have been done on this. They show that schools that teach abstinence actually have a higher birth rate than schools that teach safe sex. Feel free to look it up. This is primarily because they are going to do it at that age either way, so many of these kids don't know what's out there, don't know where to get it, or think that if they are going to get pregnant anyway, why bother using a condom. Maybe if Sarah Palin understood this and had a talk with her daughter about safe sex instead of just don't do it, then her daughter wouldn't be a teen mother.

2) I know that my argument is a little stretched on this, but the fact still remains that Palin is against a woman's right to choose.

3) I'm fine with that, but then how do we choose which religions version of creationism do we teach? Yours because it's the majority in America? Or should we just spend all day everyday teaching all the different options and just forget about all the other subjects, math, english, history, etc…

4) I thought it was obvious by the statement 99.9% that I was making that number up. But the fact remains that it's a pretty well proven fact that it exists and human activates are having a negative impact on the planet. If anyone still disagrees then maybe they should go sit in a garage with the car running. If the exhaust doesn't have a negative impact on the planet then it shouldn't have negative impact on the person in the garage with it.
Rooster said…
The sex education and theories on creation are pretty much in the same bucket: yes, take the time to teach all of it, no matter the point of view. Teach it all and let people decide for themselves. For shit's sake, these little bastards get 3 months off a year. Take some days out of that to teach EVERYTHING and then you don't have to take away from math, english, etc.

As for the running car in the closed garage thing... ya, I tried that once and I ended up being a die-hard Republican for several years. For that, I apologize.
MGD said…
haha, Yeah but wasn't that because you were high at the time and forgot you were in the car, in the garage, with it running.
Anonymous said…
My 2 cents: We are not ready for a woman as president...granted, I am a girl and I also know that she'd only be the VP but McCain is like...100, right? What happens at his next colonoscopy? Doesn't he have to sign over to the VP? And what if she's on maternity leave? OMG what WOULD we do?!?! And if she seriously had to take over-we've already decided that she witholds info and doesn't have very much experience. Let's just vote for Obama...make our mark having the first black president of the US and if McCain is still kicking in 8 years...he can have a good fight with Hilary...who knows...we might be ready then.
MGD said…
that's true, she loves having babies. Wonder what the maternity leave policy is for U.S. presidents.