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Better watch yourself my criminally inclined friends. The man is out to get you.

A proposed bill in the Washington State Legislator will allow police to collect DNA samples of anyone who is arrested, regardless of whether or not they are actually charged with a crime. That's right, house bill HB-1382, would allow police to swab the mouth of anyone arrested for anything. Shoplifting, jay walking, etc. The DNA would then be sent to the State Patrol and the FBI databases for review, even though those organization already have a backlog of work.

According to the Seattle Times, "A rough estimate shows the program could cost $1 million over two years." Even though out of those who are arrested, few are actually charged with a crime, and out of those charged, few are actually convicted. Lawmakers want tax payers to cover the $500,000.00 cost per year. Of course they are saying that anyone who is convicted of a crime will be required to reimburse the state for the cost, even though officials say most who are required to pay something after a conviction don't. Hmmm, really! You send someone to jail and they don't have money to pay court costs?!?! Big surprise.

An opposing Senate bill SB-5026 would allow for more limitations on when DNA could be taken. Instead of allowing for it in all arrests, it would limit it to situations when charges are filed. Personally, this one is more along the lines of a bill I could get behind, depending on what you are charged with. Shoplifting to me seems like a waste of time and money. But charged with breaking and entering, or a violent crime, you should be forced to give a DNA sample. Then that sample should be kept on file, incase you ever decide to do something like that again.

With the courts pretty much moving to the point that, if there is no DNA then there isn't a crime mentality, we are going to have to start having start sampling criminals. But to sample DNA for minor violations, or when someone isn't even charged with a crime, is a little to much for me to accept. Lets hope these bills fail.


Seattle Freeze said…
You mean they weren't already doing that!?!?

Damn...that's the last time I fall for the 'just relax, this is standard procedure'-line. ;)
MGD said…
No, this is swabbing the mouth. the "Just relax, this is standard procedure" you heard was going through the other end... that's totally standard.
Seattle Freeze said…
Ok, yeah-I can appreciate. ;) But...just so I'm clear-is it going to be standard procedure to, then, attach the swab to his dick? Cuz...I don't want to get in trouble for obstructing justice and all...