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Cal Coburn Brown to Die Friday?

There are times when I agree with the more conservative leaning philosophy, and one of those times usually involves use of the death penalty. Cal Coburn Brown is scheduled to die by lethal injection this Friday for killing Holly Washa. "Before slaying Washa in a SeaTac motel room, Brown spent two days raping and torturing her," according to the Seattle PI. Brown is of course appealing the ruling saying that lethal injection causes undue suffering, and violates his rights.

Personally, I don't think death through lethal injection causes enough suffering. As he's been convicted of this crime, I'd say a proper punishment would be to put him in a hotel room for two days, the have convicts rape him in the ass before killing him. To me, that's a valid punishment for his crime.

I bet if we started treating criminals as they treat others, we would see a reduction in crime then.


Rooster said…
Hm, odd. You've posted two blogs in a row that I completely agree with. Something's up.
MGD said…
Well, I guess it was bound to eventually happen.