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Fear Everything!

Have you ever noticed that as parents, out of everything we teach our kids, that fear is the most prevalent one of them all. What does that say about us as a people?

For example:
- Watch out for that fuzzy friendly looking dog, he/she will bite you if you try petting him. I notice this regularly, as I walk my dog and people move their children out of the way with fear in their eyes.
- Don't talk to strangers, they only want to molest you.
- Hey kids never let grandma take picture of you playing in the bubbles in the tub, that's considered child porn.
- God loves you, but you're going to burn in hell, because no one can live up to the standards set forth in the bible. But try anyway, and fear repercussions.
- Better be good or Santa won't bring you any gifts.
- Don't eat that Halloween candy until I've checked it, it could have poison/razor blades in it.
- Cover your eyes during that movie sex scene. Sex is bad. But those explosions and violence, that's ok.
- In fact, don't have sex at all you will either get pregnant, or get someone else pregnant, or catch a disease.
- Don't touch that! It's going to burn, cut, smash, or doing something else harmful to you.
- Don't swear, or you will get in trouble and have to go into a "time out"
- Wash your hands. Everything you touch is covered in germs that are going to make you sick.
- Those (enter religious group here) hate you and your religious beliefs. So you better stay away from them.

I've probably missed quite a few, but I think you get the point. Parents, you should probably just lock your kids in the basement, it's probably the safest place for them… Except for the radon gas down there. No wonder we are a society of prescription taking, therapist visiting, hypochondriacs.


Seattle Freeze said…
You forgot monsters under the bed. :)

And...telling your kid that sex is bad is just bad parenting (not to mention lying to their kids).
Be responsible! (example of good parenting)
MGD said…
True, but then again, monsters under the bed are pretty scary.