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No Comparison - Volt vs. Model S

I'm not going to add the video clips, so you'll have to search for them yourself, but a few weeks ago Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, was on David Letterman showing off the Tesla Model S. The car will be available around 2011 and is a full electric car that will get about 300 miles on a charge and cost around $50,000. After that Bob Lutz was on Letterman comparing the Chevy Volt (coming out about the same time)to the Model S. The Volt gets 40 miles on a charge before a gas engine kicks in. the Volt will sell for about $40,000.

Do we need further proof of why GM is going bankrupt? For an extra 10 grand, you get car that competes with BMW and Lexus in luxury, and is fully electric. Or you can save 10 grand and get a car that looks like any other POS Chevy, that still burns gas…