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...Because You're Single

Sent from a cranky reader...

Not your normal blog but I thought I would send it anyway. I just got back from a vacation with the family. My kids and I had a great time but I almost killed my family.

We rented a house (that I found ) it had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a private pool. Grandma and Grandpa got one room, makes since. My brother in-law and his wife got another and they brought a friend who got the other room. I got the couch in the great room with all the kids! I went to my mother in-law( actually ex mother in-law ) and told her I was going to take the other bedroom. Her response was " Her husband MIGHT be coming up later so then were would he sleep" I said it was not my problem. When or if he does come then I will move back out to the couch. It was then brought to my attention well you are single so no matter what sleeping on the couch was not a big deal but her and her husband could not fit on the couch. Fine, I' ll take the couch. Her husband came up a day later and that left me on the couch and sharing a bathroom with 5 children, again not a big deal "because I was single " and only need a bathroom with a shower. I did not need a sunken tub in my bathroom because I had nobody to share it with. The real kicker was the romantic nights in the pool that I just don't understand "because I am single" I let this all go because I decided I was just going to have a great time with my kids. I was fine until I got back from my vacation and found out my girls vacation we had planned to the wineries has been changed to staying at a friends cabin because her husband doesn't think it's a good idea for a bunch of women to hang out and drink at the spa for 3 day's. Whatever! I called my friend and again after a long conversation I got "you just don't understand cause your single" I just want to know what the HELL does that have to do with anything.

I maybe single but that does not mean I'm not seeing anyone. I am seeing someone and just because we are not married or even getting married, ever. We still have respect for each other, I trust him and he trust me. We still do whatever we want. I think that's the problem with everyone. No body trust anybody and God forbid they do anything by themselves or have a life of there own. I am glad I'm single.