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I just got back from having drinks with the girls and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. One of my girlfriends is having some bladder problems. I know what your thinking. She must be old and probably not in good shape... Totally the opposite. She's about 35 awsome body and very cute. Anyway, her doctor sent her to a physical therapist who specializes in keegal (don't know how to spell it ) exercises. She is to see this therapist every week for a month were they practice doing all different kinds of exercises. She practices on her own for about 10minutes than he yes he measures her success by by sticking his fingers up her vagina and feeling the size of her bladder and how tight she can make herself. If this does not work she will than be shown how to use circular toys to make her tighter. Now if this isn't bad enough her therapist is really kind of cute and not married. The only good thing about this besides us having the best laugh ever was she gave us all the instruction on how to do proper keegal exercises and if she needs it we all get some toys. So If any of you men or women need a new job this might be something to look into