Veep Drinking Game


I sit at my desk, or whosever desk I end up sitting at each day, as I'm not actually provided a place to sit while on this Microsoft assignment.

Drinking my tea, as I go against the Seattle coffee establishment in not actually liking the taste of coffee.

I read some e-mails, reply to a few, check out blog updates of friends and people I follow.

I eat my Pop Tart, turn on some music, and seriously try to focus on the concept of actually doing some work today, in the expectation that if I think about it long enough, I might actually start doing it.

Instead I open my blog and post todays update from the confines of a windowless, florescent lit, white-walled room.

Some contract assignments they realize that the job they hired you to do is complete, that the work they've had you doing can be done by someone else, and they actually end the assignment and move you on to something else, something different.

Here I am just a face that's passed in the hall with a fake smile and the realization that I am actually still here- moving from office to office without my red stapler, nothing but a laptop and an iPod.

It's Monday and I'm back on the job after a long holiday weekend.


Quorri Scharmyn said…
Ok, so.... yeah, you've convinced me I don't want to work for Microsoft. I'm much happier being consistently disrespected, overworked, and frantically trying to stay afloat out here in the middle of nowhere.

If I give you a stapler, will it somehow fill a little bit of the soul that's been ripped away from you?
MGD said…
thanks, but I'm good. If I really need a stapler I can always swipe one from a vacated office.