Veep Drinking Game

Teabonics part. 2

I’ve never been one for proper grammar and spelling, but after posting last week about a McCain fan holding his sign misspelled, I thought I would do an internet search for “protester misspellings” to see what came back. The interesting thing about the results where how many came back as misspellings by teabaggers, conservatives, right-wingers, and the supposed morally righteous.

Maybe you should get a brain “moron”

Yeah “whose” side are you on?

These students should spend a little more time in class and a little less time making signs.

I’m thinking if you can’t spell socialist you probably don’t even know what one is.

I'm outraged at "your" spelling.

I wonder if Mitt can spell Washington. At least someone noticed.

Why is it so hard for these people to spell socialist?

Maybe Fox news should also add spelling hour to its program line up to keep its viewers “informed.”

And this lady had a crisis of “incompetence.”

If English is your language, you’d think you could actually spell it without “exception.”

I love how many anti-Mexico protest signs can’t seem to actually use the English language.

“Amnesty” from what?

Or afford.