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National Opt-Out Day

I won’t be flying this tomorrow, but I want to support those who are flying tomorrow the 24th and participating in National Opt-Out Day.

For those who don’t know, National Opt-Out Day is a day, where everyone flying should choose to get patted down instead of submitting to the full body scans. The idea being it will slow down the screening process and irritate the people doing the screening.

“Big deal,” you might be thinking, “I don’t care if some douche hired off the streets looks at my junk.” But before you go through with the body scan, just think of this as a continuing step to slowly giving up our rights and freedoms.

Why does the N.R.A. fight every attempt at gun regulations even though it might be something that it worthwhile? Because they understand that as they give away one right, someone will try to get them to give up another one later.

- Remember the days when people could actually walk each other to the boarding gate and see each other off.
- Remember the days when we didn’t have to take our shoes off to go through the screening?
- Remember the days where you could carry on liquids and didn’t have to bag your mini-shampoo?
- Remember the days when you could carry finger nail clippers or a pocket knife?
- Remember the days when you could have a lighter?
- Remember the days when you could fly without having someone stick a finger up your ass to find out of there is a bomb up there? It hasn’t happened yet, but who is to say it won’t.

As we give up each freedom, we are one step closer to letting those we fear win. If someone is serious enough, they will achieve there goals no-matter how secure we think we are.


Rooster said…
Here are some additional sources that shows why this is a violation of our rights and privacy, including the lies (twisted truth at a minimum) by the TSA:

The last one is an info graphic from Graph Jam, which is actually a joke site, but the graphic is truth and has it's sources listed at the bottom.
MGD said…
Interesting graphic and links, and I yeah, I totally forgot about the no-fly list. Someone we used to work with at AT&T is on it actually. Every time he travels it takes him a little longer to get through stuff than the rest of us.