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Low Taxes, Increased Deficit, and Everyone Wins and Looses

The big news from D.C. this week is that the Republicans voted yes on something. And why wouldn't they - the tax packaged that passed this week leaves in place the tax cuts for the rich. So, Republicans and there rich cat friends won't see there checks go down at all. Plus they were able to include a more generous estate tax, that would allow the rich to not get taxed as much when inheriting a 10 million dollar estate.

The funny thing about the estate tax, is that it's not like the richie-riches haven't already rolled there estates into some type of corporation, so they wouldn't get taxed anyway, but whatever.

And big deal, the un-funded Bush era, deficit increasing, tax cuts get to stay in place which helps me out personally. And should I ever achieve the American dream and become on of the 2% of Americans making over $200 thousand a year, I won't get taxed higher for my hard earned money.

I would like to note something about this new tax bill for the deficit reduction tea-baggers who voted many of these Republicans in office this year. The tax package that passed, isn't funded, which means it will increase the national deficit. And it's actually the Democrats who are arguing to reduce the cost of the bill and cut about 23 billion dollars out, not Republicans.

So good job tea-baggers, you voted the people into office who are doing the opposite of what you want them to do. Who would have thought that would have happened? Oh wait, any halfway intelligent voter who didn't vote for those candidates, that's who.