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Bible Bloggers

BibleSo, I was randomly hitting the next blog button at the top of most blogger blogs. Normally when I do this, the blogs are people babbling on about their families, and pets. Or amateur photographers showing off their work. This time I noticed an odd trend. Most of the blogs I was randomly hitting were from the religious-right. People preaching the word of the bible, the love of God and Jesus, and quoting passages from the bible.

So as an experiment I decided to post a question to the blogs and see what kind of a response I get in return? Friendly? Hostile? General response to the question? Or will they just delete my comment, preferring the followers not read a comment from someone questioning their convictions?

The Comment I Left:
Why are there are so many contradictions in the bible, yet the people who follow it seem oblivious to the fact? Instead they choose to pick individual passages to justify their ignorance and intolerance towards others. For example; hating gays yet not "loving your neighbor as yourself" especially if that neighbor happens to be gay. According to this study, the non-religious know more about the bible than the devout. Yet in this country the people who know the least about the subject are the majority.

The blog posts I left it on and responses after 1 week. Only two actually bothered to respond:
  • They posted my comment but not response.
  • This one was the closest to rude, "There are no contradictions in the Bible...I'm most pleased to leave you in your ignorance"
  • This one didn't approve my comment. Apparently it was to offensive for discussion.
  • I don't agree with but actually kind of liked this guys comment and that he was well spoken about it, "All contradictions in the Bible are only seeming contradictions...I do not know any Christian who hates homosexual, but the Bible condemns the sin. " apparently he doesn't watch the news, because there are plenty of Christians who hate homosexuals. I guess he socializes with a very small group of people.
  • My post was "removed by a blog administrator."
  • Another one who didn't approve my comment. I'm so sad.