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Gigantic Small at Jack in the Box

I don’t go to fast food restaurants very often for a few reasons. One of the main reasons, of course, being how completely unhealthy the food is.

So the other week, I was out-and-about, and didn’t have a lot of time, so I swung through a Jack in The Box as they tend to be the better of the fast food chains. In my opinion. I ordered my meal, and the lady working asked me which size I wanted. So, I said the small one. Imagine my surprise, when she handed me this gigantic cup. I’m not that old, but I do remember a time when this was the largest size you could get, now apparently it’s the small.

Jack in the Box Small
In comparison, on the left is a standard coffee cup. The middle being the largest glass I could find in my cupboard. And of course on the right, the soda that I drank about 1/3rd from before dumping the rest.


Anonymous said…
I must admit I like the Gigantic small. I work in the wine industry and after a night of wine tasting I hit Jack in the box or McDonalds because I can get a Gigantic small ice tea, which last me all day. Although, if I had to drink that much soda, hangover or not it would make me puke.
Quorri Scharmyn said…
that's disgusting.... I also remember the far-off days when that was the most ridiculous, ultra-large drink you could get and only if you wanted to get made fun of for being a fatty.

Then again, so many people are so fat now that it is just normal and not something worth making fun of.... Thanks for the diabetes, fast food restaurants!!