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Crappiest Movie Remakes List

Over the years the movie studios, with little for original ideas, have taken good and sometimes great movies and TV shows, and remade them. Unfortunately most of the time, they do a terrible job of it. So, here is my list of worst movie remakes of all time.

The Italian Job
The original was cool and stylish with Michael Caine in the lead role. The cars were cool, the acting was good, and the movie is worth watching over and over. The remake with Markey Mark is a cheesy rip-off. Have updated Mini Coopers and Charlize Theron, does not make for a good movie.

Clash of the Titans
Yes the Claymation and old-school special effects don't compare to todays movies. But the original had interesting characters, did a better job with the story line, and was a great move that stands the test of time. The sequel however was just another Hollywood example of what they can do with CGI.

I Am Legend
If it weren't for the horrible special effects this might have been a better movie, but they sucked and it brought the movie down with them. The story line about the dog was the only interesting thing about this movie. And that's probably because I own a dog and can relate to the relationship.

Planet of the Apes
Hmm, what did I like about this movie? I like finally having it over.

The original was just to good to even consider remaking.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Such a great original, with music and happiness and Gene Wilder. And as much of a Johnny Depp fan as I am, even he could take away the crappiness and creepiness of this remake.

Death at a Funeral
See the original British and actually entertaining version. Don't bother with the new, not funny, blacker version.

The Grudge
Like most American remakes of well made creepy Japanese horror flicks. This remake attempts and totally fails at suspense, drama, and even an ending that can compete with the original Ju-On.

Note: Not necessarily in order. I will continue to update this list as time and crappy remakes go on. Or as people remind me of ones I missed.