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The Problem with Vegetarianism

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Here is the problem with being a vegetarian as is see it. It isn't the fact that you have a harder time finding meals at places, or that you pay the same price for a meal of vegetables as someone pays for a meal with meat. The problem is feeling like a complete tool when you order a vegetarian option.

I went down to the local sub shop for lunch today and because I spend so much time at bars eating bar food, I decided to order the vegetarian sub. And for some reason I couldn't help feeling like a complete ass as I ordered it. Like the, "Oh I'm so special that I don't eat meat," attitude that vegetarians have. And I think that's really where the problem sits. Most vegetarians are snobby assholes about it. Now don't start leaving comments that you aren't a snobby asshole vegetarian, I said most not all. But most actually are snobby tools that think they are better than everyone else and they look down on people who eat meat, as if they are better than the rest of us.

And that is why I felt like a tool ordering a vegetarian lunch. Because I don't want to be some snobby asshole who thinks he is better than everyone else because he doesn't eat meat. I already have plenty of other reasons to think I'm better than most people.

So in summary, most vegetarians are snobby assholes and meat still tastes good, even though I might occasionally order something that makes me feel like a tool when I do it.