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EGL Certified Customers

Todays cranky contribution from my super sexy gal pal Chiwi!

Dealing with people in retail is frustrating, no matter what business you’re in.  Yeah, I know…“the customer is always right” but that assumes the customer isn’t an idiot!

It seems like those are the only people I deal with…and today, I got cranky and had to leave.  Some industries are specialized and sometimes you are tasked with the chore of teaching customers the ins and outs of the industry before they can make a pricey purchase.  Of course, some customers do their own research on the internet and think they know it all.

Take for example something as simple and inexpensive as buying chicken.  We all know that buying free-range chicken is better than the typical hormone-induced chicken that many grocery stores sell.  They both look the same but clearly, for many reasons, the free-range chickens are better…reasons that might not be visible to the naked eye BUT they’re better!

So in trying to explain to a customer why it is better to buy a GIA certified diamond versus an EGL certified diamond, I got absolutely no where!!  GIA is the laboratory of all laboratories.  If you have a GIA certified diamond, they are the last word as to color, clarity, cut, etc. etc.  Thus when you buy a diamond that is GIA certified, you know you’re getting what you’ve been told.  Experience has shown that EGL certified diamonds are not as accurately graded and therefore, not as well liked in the industry because it could cause ill-will between the retailer and the consumer.  But all I kept hearing in reply was “but I got to see the actual stone and it looked nice”.  It’s a diamond.  Diamonds are generally pretty.  I give up!  Go buy your EGL certified stone dummy!