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Impatience On The Double-Decker

Sometimes appropriate things happen to people that makes me laugh when I watch it, even though what happens to that person might not be a good thing.

For example: I was on the top floor of the double-decker bus this morning about a block away from my stop. Someone had already hit the stop button and we were just waiting for the bus to get to the stop. As what usually happens, people tend to start working their way towards the stairs, down the stairs, and to the exit doors. I'm assuming this is because they are worried if they don’t, they wont get off the bus in time, that the driver might forget they are coming down the stairs and take off. Or maybe they are just impatient.

As usual, I was sitting in my seat watching the impatient people work towards the stairs on the moving bus. The first guy made it down the stairs fine. A second lady was working her way down the stairs while the bus was stopped at a light. The light changed, the bus driver hit the gas, and the lady fell down the stairs. I didn't laugh out loud, but the internal laugh made me feel pretty damn good about not being an impatient douche.

FYI- If you are concerned, the lady wasn't hurt. The stairs are narrow with handrails, she was able to catch herself as she fell. But really, she deserved to fall. Because the rest of us, waited for the bus to stop at the actual stop, and we all managed to get off the bus just fine.