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The i Generation

Generation iAt some point in time we started to give each generation a name. It seems to me that it started with the beats, then worked its way to the baby boomers, generation X, and then Y because we ran out of original ideas for generational names. Although the i generation is the more obvious choice.

i use my iPhone to update my Facebook page with what i just had for dinner, so that someone else can read it on their iPad. Marketing has picked up on how important i am as they don't need to capitalize anymore, at least that is what executives at AT&T thought when changing the name to at&t so as to appear more relevant to the i generation. Would a 15 year old actually know what the original AT&T stood for, and if they did would they have any idea what a telegraph actually is?

i used to be able to attend a concert without seeing half the audience on their iPhones throughout the show. There was a time that we could visit a friend who valued sound quality over convenience when listening to music, but at least i can plug my iPod into the stereo system now and play the latest Call Me Maybe parody. When was the last time you spent time with someone who didn't respond to text messages all night or a Words with Friends game? Or are you that person?

i have my smart phone, my iPod, and a Facebook page. But i can leave my phone in the other room and not feel the need to respond to a text until the next day. i can watch a movie without letting everyone know which theater I'm at by "checking in" on Facebook. And most importantly, i can take a shit without tweeting it to all my friends, because the world doesn't need to know every time i have a bowel movement. Call me old school. I prefer to blog about my life. Because I am a member of the X generation, representing the days of full sentences and capitalization.


MGD said…
Yeah, we are. Also a generational thing. Although, what he really should have done was bitch slapped it out of your hand.
Foxynik said…
Well the best part about the I-generation is that we like it rough