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BMW Fixed?

Wednesday afternoon I get a call from one of the mechanics at Ride West. He tells me they think they have solved the problem, and that the video I provided them with doesn't have any sound. Personally, I care more about them fixing the problem, which he tells me was the injectors.

By the way, the injection system being clogged was one of the things I thought the issue might be, and one of the things I mentioned when I dropped it off, besides an electrical short. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a guy who rides a bike. They are the trained mechanics that took weeks to figure out and solve a problem.

So, today I went and picked the bike up. It started fine at the dealer, which it did before. But, I did notice on the ride home it felt like it had a little more power and was running smoother. And, most importantly when I got it home, parked it and shut it off, it restarted. Hopefully the problem is now solved and I won't have to take it back again.

Not to sound overly negative as I have been bitching about Ride West this whole time, I fell that it would be appropriately nice about them. They were all very friendly. There, my one nice thing I can say. Now, hopefully my next post will involve actually taking the thing out for a nice ride as the weather finally gets nice here in the Northwest.