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Motorcycle Troubles Day 2

First thing Sunday morning I decide to start troubleshooting issues with the bike. I put it on the trickle charger, just to be sure that isn't the issue. Even though the battery is only two years old, it could be an issue with the battery. I add some Sea-Foam to the fuel system, thinking maybe I got some bad gas at some point that was clogging the fuel injection. And I get out the owner's manual and start checking what limited information it contains, and I can actually access on the complicated machine.

After it is all done, I start it up, and it starts just fine. So, I let it sit for most of the day, when I decide to take it out and see how she runs. This time to Seattle, and a well populated area with phone service and nearby towing companies. I start the bike up, it starts fine and sounds fine, so I cruise on down to Seattle and meet a friend for some food. After we eat, I walk back to the bike and nothing. Not even a slight showing of wanting to start. We try the push and pop the clutch method that worked last time, but get no response from the bike. I'm thinking some kind of electrical connection issue at this point. So I call AMA Roadside Assist again.

Representative: Thank you for calling roadside assist. Are you in a safe place to talk?

Me: Yes

Representative: Do you in need of tow service?

Me: Yes.

Representative: Can I have the address please?

Me: I don't know the address

Representative: Is it okay if I use GPS services to locate your location?

Me: Yes

Representative: I'm showing you are at ….

Me: That's close to my location I think. The address across the street from the parking lot is….

Representative: Can I have the address of the destination.

Me: I don't know the address. It's Ride West BMW can you look it up?

Representative: I'm showing they are at …

Me: that sounds right.

We go back and forth just like the previous day, I get put on hold forever while I watch the battery slowly drain on my cell phone. I eventually hang up, and call my roommate for a ride to come pick me up, but he is drunk so he calls another friend of ours, and the two of them plan to meet me at the dealership. The roadside service calls back and tells me they found a tow-truck but it's an extra $45 dollars to the driver even though it's within the 35 miles included in my roadside assistance. I agree to pay it, just to get the bike to the dealer. The driver shows and we load the bike up and drop it off at the dealership. Leaving it in the parking lot, praying that it will get stolen at some point through the night. My friends arrive, and around 11:30 at night I finally arrive home and go to sleep to get a few hours before going to work the next day.

But wait… there is still more to come in this saga, as the bike is still at the dealer who can't seem to find a problem with it. Tune-in for my next post.