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Ireland Finally Doing Something About Ridiculous Anti-Abortion Laws

The Irish Parliament (the Oireachtas) will debate the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013 for two straight weeks, after the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar shone a light on the country's controversial 'abortion law'.

Basically, abortion is illegal in Ireland, except for situations of  ‘real and substantial risk’ to the life of the mother. Recent events have shown this not to be true. A woman, who was not even a resident of Ireland was in the country and experienced complications from the pregnancy. The only option to save her life was to abort the baby. But the doctor refused to do it, out of fear of the repercussions. In the end both the woman and the unborn baby died. There was also another recent situation where a girl was raped, and was forced to have the child. I'm sure that child will be well raised, as the mother looks in its eyes, and see the rapist father.

I know some right-wingers in America thing any kind of conception is good conception. And that it is only okay to kill abortion doctors and Muslims. but the reality is, abortion is necessary, and even though other measures should be taken to prevent the pregnancy in the first place, there are plenty of situations when an abortion should be provided.

Hopefully the Irish will figure this out.

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