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Robin Williams Death

To add my own commentary on the debate about Robin Williams death. I've seen comments from people about how selfish he was to kill himself and other related items, but really aren't we the selfish ones. The guy wasn't happy living and he wanted to die, so he made the choice to end his life on his terms. Is this really any different than death-with-dignity, where some states allow people with terminal illnesses to end their lives?

I loved Robin Williams, he did so many movies that are on my list of great films. But if he got to a point where he didn't want to do that anymore, where he didn't want to deal with life, let him end it on his terms. Let him be the decision maker on when to leave this planet. Is it really better to grow old and frail, to be unable to walk or think, to be in constant pain? I don't think so. Just like Hemingway who ended his life when he couldn't write anymore, let's remember his for his genius, rather than our selfish desire to make the monkey dance for our entertainment.