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Older Americas Get Screwed in Republican Health Bill

I love how Republicans vote against there best interest in each election, never learn the lesson, and then do it again. The republicans just released the proposed replacement to the Affordable Care Act. In the new bill they would allow insurance companies to charge older workers health insurance premiums five times as much as younger ones. Under the ACA  insurance companies are limited to charging the oldest customers only three times the prices charged to the youngest ones.

Douch-bag Von-Trumpstick received more votes from the over 45 crowd than Clinton did. No surprise there, most elections the older you are the more likely you are to vote Republican over Democrat. So when you old Republican voters start to see the amounts you pay go up, well, you only have yourselves to blame.  

To spell this out for a few of the older voters, by voting in a Republican majority you are now allowing them to make your heath insurance more costly. 

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