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Republicans Want to Cut The Deficit by Cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

Last year the Republicans passed a tax cut for businesses. Mitch McConnell said the tax cuts would pay for themselves. Anyone with any sense of economics said that the tax cuts would increase the national deficit which it has done. The current deficit is $833 billion which is at historically high levels.

While cutting the taxes for the rich they also increase government spending on the military. Now, because of all that and they want to pay for it all by decreasing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. No mention of cutting the military. The military that we spend more money on than any other country. Nope, let's not cut that instead let us cut healthcare for the elderly and those in need. 

Currently, the economy is doing really well. Unemployment is at a very low rate. These two things mean that deficit should be going down not up. Those things mean that the government is getting more money and using that money wisely. Unfortunately, the current government is doing the opposite of that and using the money for crap we don't need, and in the end, screwing those who are in need.