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In Defense of MAGA Hat Kid

I feel the need to jump into the fray on the MAGA hat kid (Nick Sandmann) before peoples short attention spans move on to something else. Let me start by saying that when I see someone with a MAGA hat on I want to punch them in the face for being stupid. Now having said that, just because someone is a dumbass doesn't always make them wrong. In this case, we have a group of kids who go to a Catholic school. What does that mean? It means they have conservative parents and teachers. With those influences, they went out to a place to voice their opinion in abortion. Something they are allowed to do.

Across from the kids were a bunch of Black Hebrew Israelite yelling and trying to start violence. And mixed into that was a group of native Americans having an indigenous peoples march. So a lot going on at the same time.

To the point. What did this kid do that was so wrong? wear a stupid hat? yes, but beyond that, all he did was stand in place and smile. Why is it that everyone seems to think that he should have been the one to back down? Why couldn't the Native American (Nathan Phillips) move along? Because he's a war veteran or because he's native American? Or, because we are looking at this from his point of view instead of the kids!

The left claims to be better than the right. I usually agree with them, but there is going too far when it comes to condemning people who don't have the same point of view. Remember Christine Ford? She received death threats after speaking out about Brett Kavanaugh. The left was offended about that, but now is the left behaving any better? Sandmann has received death threats, and the school has had to shut temporarily closed for safety reasons. As far as I can tell from the videos they are both in the right and both in the wrong, the difference is the vitriol this kid has received is offensive. I don't see anyone complain about Phillips banging his drum in the kids face? Personally, I would push someone away from me if they started playing a drum in my face like that, and I'm a liberal. So, be better than that liberals.

Since this has happened the parents of the kid are suing the newspaper that origional published the story, because they are douche-bags, but don't blame the kid for having bad parents. He is still young and might not become like them.