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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Drinking Game

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This hilarious show follows the detectives in Brooklyn's 99th Precinct as they solve crimes and make fun.


  • Whenever Jake says, "The name of your sex tape."
  • Whenever Jake says, "Cool, cool, cool."
  • Whenever Terry bounces his pecks
  • Whenever Terry eats yogurt
  • Whenever Terry speaks about himself in the third person
  • Whenever Holt references some obscure musician, artist, scientist, etc. that no one has heard of
  • Whenever Holt says, "you are dismissed."
  • Whenever Amy talks about folders, charts, or organizing something
  •  Whenever Gena pervs on Terry
  • Whenever Gena uses her phone
  • Whenever Charles refers to food in a way that makes it sound sexual
  • whenever anyone makes a Die Hard reference
  • Whenever Diez threatens to assault someone
  • Whenever the group says, "Nine-Nine."
  • Whenever they do a cutaway/flashback