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A Free Year Of MSN Not Worth It.

When I purchased my computer it came with a free year of MSN. The service itself was almost not worth the no cost. Multiple times during that year I thought about canceling. I would like to tell you what happened after I canceled my service approximately 1 year and 1 month after starting it.

I received an e-mail stating that I had a balance owing of $21.95 and that I would need to go to a web site to update my credit card information, it had expired. I logged on and went to update my information. Since my account was canceled it would not let me update my credit card. I e-mailed MSN customer service stating that I could not update my credit card and requested they mail me a bill. I received a reply stating that they could not and the only way I could pay my bill was with a credit card. I e-mail back once again saying, I could not update my information on the web site, then how?
The response was to call 1-800-386-5550. I did as instructed and called. I asked if I could just pay my bill o…

The New War

The 80’s they had the war on drugs which is still going on and obviously will never be won. They have the war on terror, another war that will never be fully won, thanks to the obvious fact that each killed terrorist creates a new one. So, now they are creating a war on porn. This one just amazes me. They want Google to provide search information about some average Joe, who likes to sit at home in privacy and look at naked pics. This is insane, and not just because I’m one of the average Joes. It’s insane because the government is totally ok with promoting violence in movies and TV. But heaven strike down that poor sap, who likes naked women… or men.

When Dogs Bark

A few weeks ago I went to the mountains to do some sledding with friends and family. We had two dogs with us. At one point while on the side of a snow covered dirt road, digging the car out of the ditch and letting the dogs play in the snow. A couple comes walking down the road, the other dogs starts barking, which caused my dog to bark. The other dogs owner grabs her and I just say to the guy, “don’t worry she’s just barking she won’t bite”. His response, “you need to grab your dog before I hit it!” Well, let’s just say I wasn’t too happy about that, and let him know with a few words he better not even come close to hitting my dog. His response this time, “I don’t like to hit dogs but I will if I have to.” With a step closer to him, “I don’t like to break peoples noses either but I will if I have to.” At which point he got the hint, shut his mouth, and kept walking.

There is a lesson to be learned here, besides the lesson that the guy is just an A****hole. The lesson being, if you a…

Christmas Airline Drama

This is a little long but then again so were my flights....Departed US Airways 6:30 AM To Philadelphia arriving at 2:33 PM. Hung out at the airport for a few hours waiting for my flight. They announce that they are looking for people to bump and that they will be putting them on a 9:00 AM flight the next morning. With my connections I would not be able to do that so if say if you have an earlier one that I could bump to I would. They have an 8:00 AM flight. This would only give me 10 minutes to get from one plane to another but since my luggage had already been loaded and would be waiting I decided to risk it, plus I have a plan. That night they put me up in a Sheraton Suites and give me a voucher for a round trip ticket anywhere in the US. I go to bed with a little worry about the next day. I wake up at 4:30 and get to the airport at 5:00 with my “plan”. I look at the flight schedule and see there is a 7:45 flight. This would give me 25 minutes to catch my new flight, which should be…

Today in the News

Something that I find interesting and irritating at the same time is all the hoopla over Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings. I have two main reasons for this opinion. One, we all know that he is going to be confirmed, so hearing his answers to questions by a bunch of politicians is irrelevant. Why not just give him the damn job and move on! This leads me to my second point. Since it’s a no brainier that he will be confirmed and with a war in Iraq, rising medical and energy costs, don’t the politicians we vote into office have better ways of spending their time? Not only do they have better ways of spending time, don’t our news sources have more interesting things to report on? What’s the front of every headline? “Samuel Alito’s confirmation hearings” followed up way in the back about real issues that should concern people, like convicted rapist fathers being allowed to see and rape his 13 year old daughter. Personally a little discussion by our politicians on 13 year olds being rape…

Wow Flashy Lights!!

You know one thing I hate, people who feel the need to slow down and look every time they see a car on the side of the road or flashing lights! “Oh look a cop pulled someone over, let’s slow down and cause everyone else to slow down in traffic.” I mean seriously they are on the side of the road, odds are they are smart enough not to jump out in front of you, so you have no need or reason to slow down for them. And you know what, if they do jump out of front of a car cruising down the interstate, then they deserve what the get. So having said that, why not keep you fucking eyes on the road and stay going the speed limit? That way you aren’t causing everyone behind you to do the same.

Stolen Parking Spot

This actually happened a while ago but since I didn't have the blog at the time, I'm posting it for my first bitching about people entry.I went to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Dreamweaver for Dummies. I’m driving down a row and see a great spot close to the front. The spot is on my left. As I’m getting ready to pull in, a car comes around the corner in front of me. I actually think about quickly pulling into the spot but decide to be nice and let the person drive through, since it’s obvious that I’m pulling into that spot. Guess what happens? Yep, the guy pulls into it. As he’s pulling in I give my horn a quick honk letting him know that was my intent, he continues to park. He gets out of his car, very tall old man, turns out to be 77 years old, as he later tells me. I yell out the window “I was going to park there!” His response, “What are you going to do about it.” Of course I get pissed, jump out, and start yelling at him. A crowd starts to develop on the sidewalk and…

Blog Update

I can only say so much about the men's room at my office. So now my non existent readers, you will not only hear how my coworkers irritate me, you will hear about people I encounter, politics, news, and any other thing that just pisses me off. And don’t worry for those of you who love the men’s room updates, I’m sure many more interesting things will happen before I eventually get fired or hopefully laid off.