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Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Everyone Should See Zack and Mira Make a Porno

Because protest always helps ticket sales, everyone who reads this blog needs to go see Zack and Mira Make a Porno. Larry Miller the owner of the Megaplex Theaters in Salt Lake City Utah has decided to not show the movie due to it's content, even though the movie has a R rating and is a comedy. The movie has the same R rating as Saw V, a movie full of graphic violence, and a movie they have no problem showing.

Another sign of your typical conservative stupidity. They have no problem with graphic violence being shown to this countries children, but mild sexual content, no way do we want children to see that. It's ok to let children see the proper way to torture someone, but a Kevin Smith movie with porno in the name. Heaven forbid!!!! A parent might have to explain to a child what a porno is.... as if the child doesn't already know.

More on Yahoo News

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Misconceptions about I-1000

My buddy The Rooster posted a blog today about why he isn't voting for I-1000. I already figured he wouldn't based in his religious views. In his post he pointed out the reasons he didn't agree with the law, and I responded with why he's wrong!!!!!!

Since I am such an outspoken supporter of this law, I decided to post what he wrote and my responses.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - There are no penalties for doctors who fail to submit or falsify reports of participants in the Death with Dignity act. In fact, death certificates are actually required to be falsified stating the cause of death was the terminal illness, not the lethal overdose of the “drug”. This means the initiative is safeguarding itself from being reported on and identified as being taken advantage of for potentially ill motives from less than honest people. Face it, the health industry is full of people like that.

Fact - Who gives a shit what the death certificate says. It's all clearly documented (and required) in the persons medical records. If you want to see how many people died from taking the drug, it is tracked. Since our law mirrors Oregon's law, you can look these numbers up on the Oregon governments website. If you do, make note of the fact that only a little over half the people who get the pill actually take it. "During 2007, 85 prescriptions for lethal medications were written under the provisions of the DWDA compared to 65 during 2006 (Figure). Of these, 46 patients took the medications, 26 died of their underlying disease, and 13 were alive at the end of 2007. In addition, three patients with earlier prescriptions died from taking the medications, resulting in a total of 49 DWDA deaths during 2007" only 341 people have died using this since it has become law in 1997. There is absolutely no incentive for a physician to falsify records in this situation, and since so many people have to be involved, it would be pretty damn difficult to do, if not impossible. And finally, there are penalties, once again if you had actually read the law, you'd see that falsifying information is a class A felony. Here's the link you want to read the actual initiative on something other than the no to I-1000 website.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - The request form does not encompass all the limitations for witnesses as outlined in the initiative, specifically that someone who would benefit from the estate cannot be a witness. This is a legal loop hole that would allow individuals acting as a witness not be held liable if one or more of them would benefit from the death.

Fact - Out of 37 people last year, you are trying to imply that a magic percentage of them, are trying to force loved ones into killing themselves. You don't have a lot of faith in people do you? The law states that the request must be "signed and dated by the patient and witnessed by at least two individuals" it also very clearly states that one of the witnesses "shall be a person who is not a relative of the patient by blood, marriage, or adoption, a person who at the time of the request is signed would be entitled to any portion of the estate of the qualified patient upon death" It goes on but is basically saying one person has nothing to gain from the persons death.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - Statistically, only 2% of applicants for the “Death with Dignity” act from Oregon were referred to a psychiatrist even when applicants have a history of depression and/or suicide attempts. I-1000 says a doctor SHOULD refer the person to psychiatrist, but is not required to do so.

Fact - The law states "if, in the opinion of the attending physician or the counseling physician, a patient may be suffering from a psychiatric or psychological disorder or depression causing impaired judgment, either physician shall refer the patient for counseling." it goes on to say that the physician can't prescribe the pill until the therapist "determines that the patient is not suffering from a psychiatric or psychological disorder or depression." Have you considered that if only 2% were referred to a psychiatrist, that its possible everyone involved felt that the person was making a competent decision. Or do we have to go back to your apparent lack of faith in people?

Rooster Not Fully Studying - In Oregon, nurses assisted with a suicide of a patient without the knowledge of the doctor. The department of health protected these nurses under Oregon’s Death with Dignity law. In WA’s law, there is no mention of immunity or penalization for anyone who falsely takes action in the name of the law.

Fact - Who's ass did you pull this out of? I think what you are talking about is one case in 2007 where two nurses illegally gave one patient morphine and Phenobarbital to end her life. Both nurses were held liable and charged. This law does in fact hold liable anyone who is found to be "negligent conduct or intentional misconduct by any person" I think a lawyer could easily make the case that "any person" covers doctors, nurses, and insurance providers. And throughout the law it's clear that the prescription has to be written by the doctor. Last I checked, nurses weren't allowed to write prescriptions.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - There is no mention of what the intended drug is and there is no guarantee it will work. This can result in side effects which are far worse then the terminal disease and can cause more suffering for the patient.

Fact - "Complications were reported in three patients during 2007; they all regurgitated some of the medication. One person lived 3½ days." Side effect = living 3.5 days longer than you wanted in 1 person.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - Doctors cannot be sued for malpractice if they push someone to take the drug. Sure, a very small number of doctors are quacks, but the ones that are should be convicted. However, this act protects them.

Fact - This isn't one doctors decision. The law states the patient has to be "competent in the opinion of the court or in the opinion of the patients attending physician and consulting physician" oh and not to mention the counselor or therapist, and two witnesses . Sure one doctor might be, but come on all of them. That's 4 to 5 people besides the patient.

Rooster Not Fully Studying - Governer Booth Gardner, the spokesman for this law, states this act is a “first step”. First step to what?! There are no safeguards to stop health insurance providers from pushing Death with Dignity in place of proper treatment. Historically, in Oregon, these health insurance providers have been known to recommend alternate physicians until they find one that will approve the lethal drug. Hm, makes me wonder if the insurance providers are the real people behind this proposed initiative?

Fact - Historically? Interesting that you don't link to proof of this statement. Because there is nothing in the law that says the insurance providers can't be sued if found to be in the wrong.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Door Knob #1 or Door Knob # 2

Here is Washington the governor is up for re-election. We've had a difficult choice this year, because we have to decide which one we hate less. As it turns not, it is the exact same choice we had the last time around. Basically the republican candidate lost, but by such a narrow margin that he has decided to give it a another try.

Door #1 leads to our current governor Democrat Christine Gregoire. As far as I know she's probably one of the least liked Washington governors in recent history. She's shown that she will provide favors for whoever puts the most money in her pocket, and generally spouts off nonsense every chance she gets. She can barely make decisions and that's usually only when she if forced to. Beyond that, she doesn't commit to anything in an attempt to be as non-committal of a politician as possible. On the plus side, the state hasn't broken off and fallen into the ocean while she has been governor.

Door # 2 leads to challenger Dino Rossi. Rossi actually lost the election last time, but wouldn't give up. After loosing he challenged the results in court, and just totally held up the process with his unwillingness to accept defeat. He has also decided to try to distance himself from the Republican party by running under the heading of G.O.P Party. Besides sounding like a dumb ass for saying Grand Old Party Party, it's kind of a pussy thing to do. If he's a Republican then he should be proud of it, not try to hide it, just because people don't like Republicans right now. Another irritating thing about Rossi is the amount of trees that have died during his campaign. I've received a lot of crap mail lately by candidates trying to get my vote, but none have mailed me as much crap as Rossi has. And being the environmentalist that I am, that pisses me off more than anything. On the plus side, he's not Christine Gregoire.

My buddy over at the Rooster Strikes has suggest we all vote for Uzumma the baby gorilla at Woodland Park Zoo. In thinking about it, I'd rather have a gorilla in office over a couple of knobs, so why not. Uzumma the baby gorilla it is!

Monday, October 27, 2008

10 Laws The Next President Should Enact to Make This a Better Country

With a little over a week to go till the next president will be elected, I decided to help the next president (Obama) out with some advice on a few new laws he should pass.

10 - Tighten the border with Mexico. I know this is in contrast to my liberal stance on most issues, but every time I go to Home Depot I feel like a riot is about to break out. I do support a guest worker program though. Come up and work, make some money, then go home to raise the 10 kids.
9 - Put a cap on the salaries of executives. I've met and worked for many upper managers and business executives, so I know they in no way shape or form do anything that justifies the salaries they receive.
8 - Increase the marriage age to 25. If you are in love and going to be together forever at 18, then you will still be in love and together at 25. I'd imagine we'd see fewer divorces if people had to wait a while.
7 - Legalize gay marriage. Look, there is no reason marriage shouldn't be between two humans who love each other. Gays should be allowed to get married and have a 50% divorce rate just like the rest of us. As long as they are over 25.
6 - Change the tax law so that people with children, when they get their tax refund each year, a portion of that has to go to the local school that the child attends. Why is it that homeowners with no children have to pay for the education of a family of 5. A family that gets a huge tax refund check each year for having so many children!
5 - If you are on welfare, you have to be on birth control. And not the pill kind, but the kind that gets shot in your arm, so you can't "accidently" forget to take the pill and get pregnant.
4 - Speaking of children, before we end up like China, enact a 2 child per family law. What the hell do people need so many kids for anyway? The religious rights overwhelming need to have babies is increasing the strain on this countries natural resources.
3 - And speaking of taxes, a flat tax across the board. I agree with the rich on this, just because someone makes more they shouldn't have to pay more.
2 - Reduce the legal drinking limit to 18. if you are old enough to kill and die for your country, you should be allowed to go get drunk the night before you ship out.
1 - Legalize marijuana. Come on people, this is not any worse for you than alcohol. When was the last time you heard of a guy beating his wife because he smoked to much weed. Lets take that money and use it to fight real crime and fill the jails with real criminals.

- I'm actually going to add one more to the list. An across the country Death with Dignity laws. We have I-1000 on the ballot this year in Washington. This should be moved from a state level law and just made legal nationally.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dumb NASA Very Dumb

This is why the American government is dumb, and the government agencies within it are equally dumb.

NASA is always complaining about the billions of dollars needed to fund its various endeavors. We currently fly space shuttles with empty seats, back and forth to the international space station. Yet, we don't allow tourist to pay for rides. Russia on the other hand, just sent another tourist Richard Garriott to the international space station for a mere 30 million dollars.

NASA wake up you dumb fucks and start offering this shit. Or even better, start a lottery. People across the country can buy a 1 dollar tickets, and win a ride. You'd make millions. You pick 3, so there are backups in case anyone fails, and use the money to fix Hubble.

"Tourist reaches space station"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Triad

My buddy eccentri_city set up a Windows Live discussion forum to banter over some of the things we will be voting on here in Seattle next month. If you have a Windows Live ID and feel like participating, feel free.

Link - http://groups.msn.com/TheTriad

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lazy Microsoft Janitors

I walked into the office this morning and something didn't seem quite right. I walked into my office and noticed something wasn't quite right, the lights were on. I usually have one light on and the other off, and I turn them both off when I leave at night. I didn't use my office at all yesterday, so at first I thought maybe the person who did left them both on.

After starting my laptop I then went to the break room to make myself a warm liquid caffeinated drink. It's at this point of walking through the halls that I realize what wasn't quite right, all the lights were on, in every office, even the empty ones. I also notice that all the garbage and recycle containers are in the hallway.

What happened is the lazy ass janitors did their job, but didn't bother turning the lights off or put the garbage containers back into the offices. I've noticed the garbage thing before. They regularly walk the halls, dump the smaller ones into the large one they wheel around, but this is the first time they have left all the lights on. Don't they know Microsoft has to pay that electric bill? Don't they know how irritating it is for me to have to move the garbage and recycling from the hall into the office? Lazy Bastards!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prop K

So check this out! San Francisco, the ultra liberal city that it is, has a ballot initiative that would stop cops from arresting prostitutes for selling sex. Yep, it's almost legalized prostitution. I haven't been able to find any polls showing if it's going to pass or not, but if it does my buddy B-Rad will be happy. He can save a few bucks in travel for those "work trips". Instead of going to Nevada, he can now catch a shorter flight to San Francisco.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mormons Who Hate Butt Sex

Mercury News in California recently did an article about how the Mormon church has contributed 8.4 million dollars to promote Prop 8 in California. The proposition if passed, would add a state constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman. Interesting that a religious group that spent much of its time fighting for religious freedom is spending so much effort in fighting for restricting the freedoms of others. But then again, I guess that is what most religion is about.

Having spent some time in Utah and touring around Salt Lake City, I would equate the Mormons more to a cult than I would a religious order, I do think it's interesting that they are spending so much money on an initiative in California. You'd think they would prefer to spend that kind of money changing the Utah state constitution to define marriage as between a man and as many women as he wants. After all, it's not like they wanted to change their religious beliefs to support the one man, one woman idea. The only reason they changed it, was in 1890 they renounced polygamy so that they could receive acceptance as a state into the union in 1896.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Religious Nuts Spout Off on I-1000

People who read this blog regularly have probably figured out by now, that religion pisses me off! There is an article in the Seattle PI today that totally points out why religion pisses me off. The article "'Playing God' or dignified death?" is all about how various religions are up in arms about I-1000 the death with dignity initiative. As you can imagine the Catholics are pouring money into the campaign fighting it, saying we are playing God by allowing people to die. Then of course there is a Jewish Rabbi arguing " that taking extraordinary measures to treat someone with terminal cancer is also prolonging the dying"

I have an idea you fucking religions fucktards! How about you stay the hell out of it, and let the person who is dying make the choice! It is not your religious duty to tell everyone else how to live their lives!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Defense of Dignity

One more thing on the death with dignity posting from yesterday. Dan Savage a writer and editor for "The Stranger" posted a touching story about his own mothers death, that I think people voting on this issues in Washington should read.

- Click her for the article -

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yes on I-1000

Have you ever thought to yourself about what you would want to do if you has a terminal illness, suffering from massive amounts of pain, and how you would want to deal with it. Currently Oregon is the only state in the country that allows death with dignity. The idea behind death with dignity is just that, it allows someone who knows they are going to die, to go on their terms. Specifically it "allows mentally competent, terminally ill adults with six months or less to live to receive - under strict safeguards - a prescription for life-ending medication"

I know the religious nuts out there are against it saying, God should be one who makes the decision on when someone should die. Yet, they don't seem to have a problem with keeping someone on life support to keep them alive, and they don't seem to have a problem with medication to keep someone alive. If it weren't for those things, would that person be dead? Wouldn't that be God saying it's time for this person to be dead. So aren't we playing God by keeping them alive?

Instead of making other peoples choices for them, why don't we let them make the choice. Washington state this fall has I-1000 on the ballot, it's own death with dignity law. Washington voters, lets make this the next progressive state in the country and vote yes on I-1000. instead of forcing people to suffer through the last months of their lives, let's allow them to end it on their terms. And for the religious nuts who think these people will go to hell, don't worry about it. Let God deal with them after they are dead, that's his/her job, not yours.

INITIATIVE 1000 DETAILS (copied from the Seattle PI)
"This measure would permit terminally ill, competent, adult Washington residents, who are medically predicted to have six months or less to live, to request and self-administer lethal medication prescribed by a physician."


  • Two physicians would be required to determine that the patient has an incurable disease expected to cause death within six months, is competent and has made an informed and voluntary decision.
  • The physicians must inform the patient of the diagnosis, risks and probable result of ingesting the medication, and feasible alternatives.
    The attending physician must recommend, but not require, that the patient notify next of kin.
  • The patient must be referred for psychiatric or psychological counseling if either physician believes the patient's judgment may be impaired by a disorder or depression.
    The patient would be required to make two oral and one written request for lethal medication.
  • A 15-day waiting period between oral requests would be required, along with a 48-hour waiting period between the written request and the writing of the prescription.
  • Two people would be required to witness the written request and to attest that the patient is competent and acting voluntarily. One witness could not be related, an heir, the attending physician or work for a facility caring for the patient.
  • The patient could rescind the request at any time, in any manner.
    People participating in compliance with the measure would be exempt from criminal or civil liability.
  • The patient's death certificate must specify the cause of death as the underlying terminal disease.
  • Participating physicians would be required to file a report with the state Health Department. The state must annually review records and produce a statistical report.

Monday, October 06, 2008


I was at a bar during the debate with some friends, and one of the things we joked about was, what a good drinking game the debates would make. Apparently we weren't the only ones.

Friday, October 03, 2008

No on Prop 8

I normally don't post twice in one day, but since I didn't post much this week here is another one.

My buddy over at the Rooster Strikes did a post on a Religious extremist and gays, So I feel that I should add this link; No on Prop 8. For those who think marriage should be between two people who love each other, rather than our current BS antiquated Christian conservative beliefs. Help California fight the narrow minded fucktards. If you don't live there, donate, and if you do vote no. send the Christian conservatives back to the deep south, back woods, redneck, towns where they belong.

Low Expectations

As most of us know the vice presidential debate was last night, and now all the pundits and new agencies are talking about it. What are they saying of course is that Sarah Palin did well… Of course she did! It's not like she didn't have weeks to train, advisers, and speech writers to tell her what to say to each of the questions she knew she would be getting. Now all the conservatives out there are going to be saying, "see told you she can do the job." Give me a break. When the expectations are so low for someone, that all they need to do is show up to look good, that does not mean a person is qualified to be vice president.