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Police Academy Dropout # 23

How many of us at some point have wanted to do this. This guy noticed a cop flying past him, who wasn't on a call, so he decided to chase the cop down and confront him. The police are the ones who are supposed to enforce the law, it's unfortunate that more often than not, they don't feel they need to actually follow the law themselves. They speed, the run red lights, and they drive in the carpool lanes. The only times they aren't doing those things, is when they are writing the rest of us tickets for doing them.

Here's the video of the chase with the cop. It's a bit long, so you might want to skip ahead to the actual confrontation. Or click here for the story on

Un-Green America

A couple of months ago Seattle had a “Green Festival,” which was mostly a bunch of venders selling their “environmentally friendly” products. Being one who cares a little about the environment, I decided to go and check it out. I was given a bag full of paper products upon entering. The bag could be used to fill with more paper products that were being handed out at each booth. One of the things I was given was a free subscription to Green America. A magazine I assumed was dedicated to environmental crap, and not being one to say no to free crap, I signed up.

A week ago, I received my welcome packet full of paper crap, I don’t need or want. And today I received even more paper crap I don’t want or need.

Even if some of the paper used came from recycled sources, and I throw all the stuff sent into the recycling (which I did) energy is still used in the recycling process, and waste is spent. Not to mention the gas consumed for the mailman to deliver all this.

The welcome packet had a 300 p…

No Comparison - Volt vs. Model S

I'm not going to add the video clips, so you'll have to search for them yourself, but a few weeks ago Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, was on David Letterman showing off the Tesla Model S. The car will be available around 2011 and is a full electric car that will get about 300 miles on a charge and cost around $50,000. After that Bob Lutz was on Letterman comparing the Chevy Volt (coming out about the same time)to the Model S. The Volt gets 40 miles on a charge before a gas engine kicks in. the Volt will sell for about $40,000.

Do we need further proof of why GM is going bankrupt? For an extra 10 grand, you get car that competes with BMW and Lexus in luxury, and is fully electric. Or you can save 10 grand and get a car that looks like any other POS Chevy, that still burns gas…



Credit Card Protection My ASS

As many have heard, Congress passed legislation this week that is supposed to make it tougher on credit card issuers to screw consumers, (Story in What a bunch of bull shit! Sure, it's nice for people who miss a payment, or exceed their limit, but for the rest of us, it's a worthless bill. They added a provision that requires longer notice when a company decided to raise the interest rate, or add a fee to the card, but there is little in the bill that restricts when they can raise those rates. For example; one comment on the article is from a guy who just got a notice that they are raising his interest rate even though he has good credit. When he called to complain they responded with "because of the current market." That's right, they raised his rate, just because they felt like it. This recently just happened to me as well. Last month I received a notice from my Discover card that they were raising the rate. I've got stellar credit, never missed a…

What the Fish You Eat, Eat

This is pretty gross. It's about halfway through the video, this guy catches a fish with the intention of eating it. He guts its it and …. Look to see what he finds.. Something to think about the next time you are eating that fresh catch.

Something to think about next time you toss that trash out the car window.

Pay or Trade at the DMV

This last weekend I had to get my tabs renewed for my car. I also had to do my emissions. And I found out, I also needed new license plates all together. Apparently in another way to be weasels, the Washington State government has a law that says after so many years, a automobile owner is required to get new license plates, or pay an additional $20.00 fee to keep their old ones. I'm sure they expect most people to pay the fee, especially those who have their current plate number memorized.

First and foremost what a jackassary way to make money off people. Many years ago, we voted down a massive tax we were paying on licensing, and the government in all their weaselness , has come up with ways around it. And for those of us, who decide not to pay the fee, and get new plates, now we are stuck knowing that we just added more to the trash that is filling the dumps when throwing our old ones away.

Sprawl Be Gone

Since I work for a company that has chosen to destroy acres and acres of land to build hundreds of two and three story buildings, rather than just build a few really tall ones. And living in an area, where I've seen trees chopped down, and replaced with McMansions: it would be nice if more people and urban planners took to heart the message in this video.

Passenger's Bill of Rights

Having been a disgruntled passenger on an airplane, when I saw that there is a bill in congress to force airlines to provide basic services to passengers on delayed flights, I felt it was my duty as a blogger for change to post it here…

Dear supporter:

The question of whether or not Congress will legislate airline passenger's rights this year is coming down to the wire. If we're going to get across the finish line you have to call or email your senator as soon as possible.

The Senate Commerce Committee is now working on the “FAA Reauthorization Act of 2009”. Just as it did in the previous Congress, that Act must contain our Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights provisions - and you made it happen last time! Although last year's bill didn't pass, it was only because of unrelated funding disagreements between the Democrats and the Republicans in the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House of Representatives 2009 version of this legislation (H.R. 915) is already mo…

Wash Your Hands

In further feeding the paranoia around swine flue, Microsoft has posted reminders all over the campus for everyone to wash their hands. The reminder also includes instructions for those who might not know how to wash their hands by this point in their lives. All the restrooms now have signs as you enter them, something that should have been done a long time ago, as I've witnessed many guys not washing their hands. But, for those who might miss the giant sign when entering the restroom, there are also signs in front of the elevators, like the one pictured here. This of course seems kind of pointless as most Microsoft employees have their heads down reading e-mail on their iPhones, Blackberries, or Windows mobile phones and most likely don't even see the notice.
It's also interesting to note; that while Microsoft is in the process of laying off thousands of employees to cut cost, they are putting that saved money to good use in printing up a bunch of signs to cover the walls…

Maybe I should Start Smoking

A recent study by the University of California showed that angry people (ex, Cranky Monkey) might benefit from nicotine patches. Check out MSN for the full article. And look for much more mellowed articles going forward… Now, off to the drugstore.

Did You Know

Since I'm sick of hearing about the swine flu all last week, I decided to pull some happy environmental news off Did you know...The United States makes up less than 5 percent of the population on earth, yet we easily consume over 30 percent of its resources. While us humans would appear to be doing well, spreading our population like wild fire across the globe, the diminishing resources and other life forms on the planet tell a different story. "We are in the midst of a mass extinction, an event not seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago," says Worldwatch Institute.Billions of plastic bags are made each year. Of these bags, one hundred billion are thrown away according to Worldwatch Institute, with less than 1 percent finding their way into a recycle bin. The end result of this is around 1 billion birds and mammals dying each year by the ingestion of plastic.Americans dump…