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Way of Life

Currently congress (passed in the house, pending in the senate) is debating a climate bill that will have sweeping (probably not) effects across this country; restricting global warming pollutants and promoting green energy. Republicans and some Democrats are fighting the bill saying, "it will increase the price of energy." and "it will effect our standard of living." As if, we have a god given right to the higher than average standard of living we have become accustomed to. Prior to the 50's the average America family spent just under 20% of their income on food, today that's dropped to around 9% of our income. All thanks to government and tax payer provided food subsidies, resulting in our becoming the fattest nation in the world. When gas prices hit 4 dollars a gallon, we threw a fit because our highway and car dependant nation can't cope with paying that much for a gallon of gas to fill our SUV's and trucks. When people stop spending in our cons…


"So sad, so shocking"
"The world mourns"
"From Indian to infamy to immortality"
"The Death of an Icon"
Fans gather to mourn and shed tears"
"A star for the ages"

Really! Two days ago, if someone mentioned Michael Jackson it would be in the form of ridicule. Now that he's dead, every news source on the planet is splashed with headlines about his death and what a great loss. This world disgusts me! You know who else died yesterday - Farrah Fawcett. Not that anyone would know about that, as her death is relegated to the back pages behind Wacko Jackson. But then again, it's all about headlines and hypocrisy. We thought he was a sicko perv when he was alive, but now that he's dead, we are all devastated.

Walking down the hall this morning, and the music coming from an office... Michael.

I need a drink.

Sanford Goes Down

I will fully admit that I'm one of the first people to cry fowl when a Republican Politician, steps across moral boundaries. This doesn’t have so much to do with what that person did, in so much as it has to do with Republicans claim to be the party of moral authority. Now, having said that, I think we are getting a little out of control in the way we are treating members of both parties for things like stepping outside of the marriage. Today South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford announced that he was having an affair with another woman and some people want him to step down from office. Until this week, I had never heard of the guy, but from what little I've read it sounds like he wasn't that bad of a governor. Even going against his own party on occasion. Many of our greatest political leaders throughout history have had extramarital affairs; Jefferson, Kennedy, FDR, and of course recently Bill Clinton.

When will this hypocritical moral authority that perpetuates this country e…

A Break From the Break Room

As my overwhelmingly negative disposition continues from each day to day towards my co-workers in the never ending vat of Monotony that is my job. I find myself with a constant urge to bitch slap nearly everyone I encounter in the break room. Is it the holier that thou attitude that goes along with the blue badge they are provided with upon hiring? Possible, but I doubt it, as I'm sure many that I encounter are contingent staff such as myself. Is it that I'm in a hurry to retrieve my liquid refreshment and they are interfering with the retrieval? No, not really. There is no meeting that I'm running late for, or last minute project in need of completion. In fact, standing waiting on someone to continually rinse out there cup in the sink, is that much time away from my desk staring at the screen that is my life. And at that, I think we hit on the head of the problem. These people don't have the look of disdain for the life they have chosen to lead, the desire to be out l…

Barking Bitches

I live in a pretty closed in neighborhood. Neighbors beside, behind, and all around me. Directly behind me, just on the other side of the fence is a family that has a small dog. It's one of those dogs that barks at everything at all times. It doesn't matter what, it could be my dog just laying in the back yard, or it could be the wind. Occasionally the owners will try to quite the dog, but it's rare that they do so. Most of the time, no matter what time of day, they just let it bark.

Yesterday afternoon while walking my dog, I decided to walk past the front of there home. My actual intent was to scope the fence out. I had been thinking quite a bit about making the dog disappear. Now don't freak out, I wasn't going to kill it. I was going to take it to a pound as a lost dog in some neighboring city.

Anyway, as I was walking past, the owners of the dog were in the garage. So I changed my mind and decided to do the neighborly thing and talk to them nicely. I introduced …

Gods Wrath Reaches the Scouts

"The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great, and he never lets the guilty go unpunished" - Nahum 1:2-8

According to some douche-bag over at a site called Republican Faith Chat the swine flu is Gods way of punishing non-believers, Catholics, and Mexicans. For what reason is God punishing these people, we can only guess? Is he punishing for a lack of faith, or perhaps he's just thinning out the flock? Or maybe he's punishing those of us for worshipping false idols? For example; the Boy Scouts of America and their worshiping of the false idols attached to their shirts in the form of badges. Sure, the Boy Scouts have shunned the gay and lesbian community as per their perceived word of God. And sure, they teach children useful survival skills that they will need during the apocalypse. But darn those children for the constant desire to get those badges instead of focusing on God and the desire to reach heaven like they should be.

Ten Boy Scouts attending camp near…

Fish-Ray Glasses

My gal pal over at Seattle Freeze had an interesting post today about PETA stinking up the fish market in Seattle. Speaking of fish, check out this video from Greenpeace.

But It's Not Google

Not the typical Cranky Monkey post, but since I work for the company, and usually smack talk it in the process, I feel I should balance it out by speaking positively about the company when they deserve it.

I've been using Microsoft's new search engine bing, since before it's launch last week (previously called kumo) and have to say, I don't hate it. Yes, the search relevancy still isn't quite on par with google ,but other than that, I'd say it's a nice tool. It does an excellent job of organizing the results. Video and image results are also pretty top notch.

Microsoft has spent a lot of money and effort to overtake yahoo as the number 2 search engine, and as of last week it has, according to PC World. Of course, we'll have to wait for the novelty to wear off and see if it stays at number 2, and/or possibly move closer to number one. It wouldn't surprise me though, if we see some of the existing bing functionality show up at some point in google searc…

Drinking American Airlines Pilot

This isn't really that big of news, but since I can't stand American Airlines I feel the need to post any negative news I see about the company. A pilot who was about ready to fly a plane got busted for drinking before the flight. - full story on MSNBC -

Washington Worst for Tickets

Yea! Washington State made the top 10 for being one of the worst states for tickets, according to a National Motorists Association rankings, Washington came in 9th. It makes me so proud to know that my tax dollars, are going towards some jackass sitting around writing BS tickets.

Click -here- for full story about how cities are using traffic laws to generate revenue

Stupid Sun Screen

80 degrees, hanging out on the water in the Puget Sound on a nice little sail boat all weekend long. Add to that a nice breeze to fill the sails, and cool the skin. What could be more pleasant? Nothing until you get home to find the sun burn you are sporting from your neck up! WTF sun screen?!?! I thought your job was to project this shit from happening, you dirty whore?

So for my cranky monkey moment of the day- I've decided to add sun screen to the list of things I hate. SPF my ass!