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The You Tube Party

I've notice this trend over the past couple of years, and maybe it started earlier and took me this long to notice, but it's a trend and it is lame. I call it the You Tube party. This is exactly how it works. A friend has a party or a little get together. We have a couple drinks, if there is food we eat, and we chat with one another. We see what's going on, tell stories, do whatever it is that people do when they get together in a group. Then, at some point someone will bring up a funny You Tube video. They will then pull up the You Tube video on a TV that has it built in, or pull out a laptop and start showing the supposedly funny video to people.Think about it, how many parodies of Call Me Maybe have you seen at a party vs. the ones forwarded to you. After the first video is watched, it then leads to another video, and then to another and before you know it you have all just spent the rest of the evening staring at a screen watching stupid videos.
It has gotten to the …

BMW Fixed?

Wednesday afternoon I get a call from one of the mechanics at Ride West. He tells me they think they have solved the problem, and that the video I provided them with doesn't have any sound. Personally, I care more about them fixing the problem, which he tells me was the injectors.

By the way, the injection system being clogged was one of the things I thought the issue might be, and one of the things I mentioned when I dropped it off, besides an electrical short. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a guy who rides a bike. They are the trained mechanics that took weeks to figure out and solve a problem.

So, today I went and picked the bike up. It started fine at the dealer, which it did before. But, I did notice on the ride home it felt like it had a little more power and was running smoother. And, most importantly when I got it home, parked it and shut it off, it restarted. Hopefully the problem is now solved and I won't have to take it back again.

Not to sound …

BMW Back At The Dealer

for those who have been following my motorcycle ownership adventures... After getting the bike home and not being able to start it, I did what I did previously. I put it on the trickle charger and charged the battery, but this time I kept it attached to the charger when attempting to start the bike. It took quite a few tries and didn't want to start but it eventually cranked over. I rode it in the Seattle rain to Ride West where I dropped it back off. As we were talking, of course they tried to start it, and as you can imagine it started just fine. So, I gave them the DVD with the video of it not starting for me, and headed home to enjoy an occasional warm weather day and no motorcycle to ride.

I Can Repro and I Can Video The No Starting BMW Motorcycle

Nearly two weeks now since I started having problems with my motorcycle, and still the guys at the BMW service department can't seem to identify the problem. I called earlier this week to ask if they were going to give me a loaner, since it is being fixed under warranty. Here is an exact quote, "we only do loaners for one day service. If we gave a loaner to everyone who had it in for warranty work we wouldn't have any bikes." I'll let that statement speak for itself.
Since they couldn't reproduce the problem with it not starting, I told them I would come pick it up. Today I picked it up around 5:00 pm after work. I rode the motorcycle home, about 15 to 20 miles.

I then let it sit for a few hours, and went out to start it and see what happened. As can be imagined, it didn't start. This time however I created a video of it happening and will provide some snarky comments while showing the mechanics the video.

5 Day Broke Down BMW Update

I had to leave the bike at the dealership from Sunday night until Tuesday morning, since they are closed on Mondays. Tuesday rolled around, and on my lunch break I swung by the dealership in the hopes that the bike had been stolen, which it had not been. I go to the service person and start to explain the issue. He tells me that it might be a couple weeks before they get to it, because they are so busy with the spring weather and people getting bikes out for service. He also tells me that he thinks the issue is the battery. I tell him I don't think that is the issue, and that it seems like an electrical short somewhere, but I don't argue the point. After all, he is the trained professional.

Later that afternoon he calls me up and tells me he checked the battery and it is fine. He plugged it into the diagnostics machine and nothing came back, and that the bike is starting just fine. Of course it is, I think, isn't that always how these things work.

"So, …

Motorcycle Troubles Day 2

First thing Sunday morning I decide to start troubleshooting issues with the bike. I put it on the trickle charger, just to be sure that isn't the issue. Even though the battery is only two years old, it could be an issue with the battery. I add some Sea-Foam to the fuel system, thinking maybe I got some bad gas at some point that was clogging the fuel injection. And I get out the owner's manual and start checking what limited information it contains, and I can actually access on the complicated machine.

After it is all done, I start it up, and it starts just fine. So, I let it sit for most of the day, when I decide to take it out and see how she runs. This time to Seattle, and a well populated area with phone service and nearby towing companies. I start the bike up, it starts fine and sounds fine, so I cruise on down to Seattle and meet a friend for some food. After we eat, I walk back to the bike and nothing. Not even a slight showing of wanting to start. We tr…

John "The Gay Moralist" Corvino - Sodom and Gomorrah


Breakdowns and My Fancy BMW Motorcycle

Spring is arriving here in the Pacific Northwest, and with our first nice weekend, I texted a buddy to take our bikes out for a ride. First thing Saturday morning I'm up, doing my pre-ride checks and ready to roll when my buddy R. showed up. The route involved heading north out of Seattle via some back roads to the lovely little town of La Conner, across the Deception Pass Bridge, and back to the city via the Mukilteo ferry: similar to this route that I posted a while back.

A funny aspect of living in the northwest is how when the weather starts getting nice, everyone pours out of their homes and hibernation to enjoy the little vitamin D we get each year. The back roads to La Conner were packed with people out for a nice drive, and fellow riders running the winter fuel out of the gas tanks that had sat for so many months. So, after a few wrong turns through the farms on the way, we made it to La Conner, with the crowds and lack of parking, and found a place for lunch while we reste…

Anger on a Plane

A post from occasional contributor FoxyNic
I don't always understand why I have the urges to be uncooperative or violent, perhaps It goes back to the animal instinct in me that just hasn't died out quite yet. Or perhaps it is in conjunction with lack of impulse control that follows anger issues. All I know is that there seems to be only two options, just accepting my fate or doing something about it. Now this is where it gets tricky; I could accept my fate and let the resentment built like the pressure behind a hose where the nozzle is off but the water its turned on full blast, this will most likely yield poor results as understood by how physics works eventually the pressure will become too much for the nozzle and blow shooting it off potentially maiming or even killing someone. Or the even more dangerous option: action. This only results in danger if the state of mind is in an irrational state. Although even rational people do irrational things. Sometimes I wish I had bette…