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The Cranky Monkey Not Even in the Race

Every once in a while I do a Google search for The Cranky Monkey, just to see how this blog stacks up, and every time I'm on the first page but not at the top. Yep, I get beat by some Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike race ending up in 3rd or 4th place…

Come on! They don't even have the cool URL, it's just some people in tight shorts and mini-helmets riding mountain bikes on the dirt.

This blog has national politics. We trash talking the Democrats and Republicans, religious-right, and even the right-wing propagandist media machine . We have anti-children commentary, and pictures of hot chicks. We make fun of the police, and large corporations. And most importantly we provide history lessons and inform the slowing dumbing down U.S. population.

So come on Google searchers, get off the bikes and get on the real cranky monkey. Then, get offended and leave a comment about it.


Rooster said…
It pays to pay for SEO/SEM. Just like dealing with Democraps and Republitards, Google gives the top results to the highest bidder.
MGD said…
If I actually made money off this blog, I might consider it. At least google is better than bing. on bing I'm more like 9th place.