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Am I the only one who thinks people who whistle why they are waiting for stuff is creepy? Yesterday after work, I got in the elevator at the same time as some other guy. We go down to the parking garage and start walking to our cars. As he’s walking he starts whistling some funky song. He then goes to the other elevator to get to the next level and proceeds to whistle the whole time. It’s a parking garage so I can hear him the whole way to my car.

Today, I’m sitting at my desk and the lady next to me is whistling something. Same thing as the guy yesterday, it’s some unrecognizable song at a low level and of course it’s only parts of whatever song it is.

It’s like in the movies, how just before the crazy person does something crazy, they whistle acting nonchalant…. Then they strike.

More Cops?

Read an article online from the local paper today, talking about how the city is spending it’s money. They have a section for comments and one of the comments was on the need for more police. Why is it people are always complaining about the need for more police? So they can sit on the sides of roads writing speeding tickets? It’s not like more police on the streets is actually going to effect anything on regards to narcotics, vagrants, vandalism, or anything else. One reason is Seattle is too liberal. It’s all about the rights on the criminals and an officer doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of a potential lawsuit, random camera operator, or the hassle and paperwork that goes along with arresting actual criminals.

The Break Room

Last Friday in the break room I was heating my lunch in the microwave. While standing and waiting, some guy was making himself some Top Raman (or whatever brand it was) noodles. The kind that come in a Styrofoam cup and you only need to add hot water. Anyway, he opens the top and goes to dump out the crappy little freeze dried vegetables. Personally, I tend to do the same thing and expect most people do as well. Anyway, in the process of dumping the veggies in the sink, (don’t know why he couldn’t use the garbage can) he drops a pea on the floor. Instead of leaning down to pick it up and throw it in the trash, which is 3 feet away, or the sink, which is right next to him, he kicks it under the counter.
So I ask him, “Is that how you clean at home to?”
He quickly responded with, “Yes, except for when my wife is around.”
I gave him my fake and you’re a jackass laugh, but I didn’t say anything further. He left shortly after as we gave each other fake smi…


I was reading a blog written by some code writing computer geek about Microsoft, Apple, and of course code. I’ve posted on this blog for a while and never once received as many responses to any posting as he did about the life of writing code for Microsoft. Of course, all the responses were written by a bunch of other computer code writing geeks. I was going to post the below comment to the 09/18/06 blog but then realized I was making fun of a bunch of computer geeks, many who work for the same company I do, and could probably hack there way into my information in a heart beat. So I decided to post it here, on a blog that no one reads.

“Wow sitting around for hours writing code… great time. Wow, writing and maintaining a code related blog… interesting. And look at that, a whole bunch of geeks who spend too much time sitting in front of computers commenting on blog postings about Microsoft... super. I’d say while you are all sitting in your dark offices staring at computer monitors, I s…

Political debates in the U.S. these days.

I was reading an article in the Seattle P.I. today about how Maria Cantwell only agreed to two debates with her republican rival Mike McGavick. “Cantwell snubs McGavick on debates
My first issue with the article is it’s more of a commentary, Joel Connelly’s opinions as compared to a neutral news reporting article. Which would have been fine if had actually housed the article in the commentary section instead of local political news. This isn’t a huge gripe as I don’t expect neutral reporting in the news. We are people and our opinion comes out in just about everything we do, even though we might be attempting to be natural. What I am inclined to be surprised about, is it was an unfriendly article on Maria Cantwell a democrat. The P.I. is generally known for leaning more towards the liberal side of the spectrum.

My second issue is the subject of the article. It’s an article about him wanting to do more and her wanting less. I believe I read a similar article every election. The incumbe…

Mother Fu***ng Seattle Drivers

Ok, I know I’ve bitched and complained about this before and I will probably do it again… What the fuck is wrong with Seattle drivers!!!!!!

To the Seattle can’t drive dumb asses - This is directed towards each and every one of you Seattle retards that can’t drive in the mother fucking rain! You live in Seattle, it rains 9 months out of the year here, you dumbfucks. What is so hard about providing enough space from the car in front of you so that you don’t rear end them? Or just watching the car in front of you so when they hit the breaks you do the same? And those of you who drive super slow all over the place because you are scared to actually move your car, you are just as bad. The rest of us people who actually know how to drive and don’t cause wrecks everyday, have to go around you. You are the people who cause fucking traffic slowdowns; especially when you have to slow way the hell down to stare at whatever car wreck is on the side of the road.

To the rest of the people out there -…

Bad Children/Bad Parents

I know, I’ve commented on this many times in the past and will some more. Is there any refuge for adults who want to go out to dinner and eat with out jackasses bringing in rotten uncontrolled children?!?!? Last night a lady friend and I go to Claim Jumper for dinner. We decided to sit over on the bar side. For one reason it was open and we didn’t have to wait for seating. And of course the second reason it’s usually adults. What I didn’t realize was that they apparently have a bar area, which is pretty much the stools at the bar, and they have a lounge area, which is tables and booths just on the side of that. What I also didn’t know was, in Claim Jumper that children can eat over in that area. I could live with the children at the booth next to me, what really bothered me was how the parents (typical of today’s parenting) let their kids run around crawl on the nasty floors, make a ruckus, and be completely unruly. All the while the parents just carried on a typical conversation like…

Proposed tunnel to replace the Alaska Way Viaduct

Many people have commented on the cost of replacing the Viaduct with a tunnel, and yes it may cost a little more the replacing it with an above ground option. But sometimes it’s actually worth it to spend extra and this is of those times it’s worth it. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen. This is Seattle after all. We have too many people who can’t agree on what should be done and no one with enough guts or authority to make change happen. We will spend years voting, talking, and spending money for nothing. Remember how much as spent on the Monorail and how many times it was approved by voters. The real unfortunate thing about it is, about the only way we will really get a replacement for the viaduct is when an earthquake finally knocks it down.

No Boating

I have this friend who bought a boat last spring. It’s a decent sized boat, about 21ft, has a cabin, etc. He bought this boat about six months ago and has taken it out twice, both times with the original owner to get the hang of using it. I’m all in favor and can understand wanting to get the hang of boating. But what’s happening is he to paranoid to take it out on nice days. I can understand a certain amount of trepidation for a new boater. It might take a few times to get it on the trailer with people watching, backing up can be a pain with a truck and trailer, and it ca get busy on the waters around Seattle. But, the real issue here is me! I missed out on watching the Blue Angels during Seafair from a boat this year, I wasn’t able to hang out on a boat Labor Day Weekend, and at no point during the summer was I pulled behind it on a tube or wakeboard.

So listen up buster, I know you read this blog so get off your pansy ass and start taking the damn boat out. The best way to learn how…