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Some More Happy News About The Artic

The latest Arctic Report Card from NOAA

No Mops Please

Next time you are taking one of the Washington State ferries, be sure to throw the head of your mop in the trash and not in the toilet.

It’s a good thing they have this sign, because the mop I carry around with me all the time probably would have ended up in the toilet if not for this warning sign.

Ads in the Cart

Even in the shopping cart at the store they are trying to sell me something. Is it just me or are these ads everywhere getting a little excessive.

But then again, chili dogs do taste good.

Washington States District 21 Representative

And for my final cranky recommendations this election season, it will be for Washington States District 21 representatives.

Part of these recommendations are partially based on interactions I had with these people last year. You can read the posts under My Washington Representatives part 1 and part 2. In those posts I had an issues that I e-mailed my representatives about. Out of the three one called me back, the other sent me a generic e-mailed response, and the third did nothing.

First up Marko Liias vs. Elizabeth Scott
Out of the three I e-mailed on that issues, Marko was the one who called me back. I was impressed that he would take the time to listen to me on the issue, and that he was actually following up. I found the conversation very cordial and he came across as a pretty decent person. So in this category it’s an easy one… Vote for Marko Liias

Next up – Mary Helen Roberts vs. Ed Borey
Mary was the one who sent me the generic e-mailed response. And I can feel pretty confident in …

Walmart Hotties and Studs

And for a quick break from the politics, some Walmart comedy. Courtesy of People of Wallmart. No commentary needed:

Check out there site for more, it's well worth a visit.

Washington State Initiative and Resolutions for 2010

The Cranky Monkey advises on how you should vote. Because I know what I’m talking about.

Initiative 1053:
"Initiative 1053 would require a two-thirds majority to pass any tax increase in the state legislature."

Vote Yes

I know we have already voted on this many times and already approved it in Washington. But as residents know, the state legislator ignored this law, so now let’s do it again. Maybe one of these days they will actually start listening to the voters… okay, probably not, but it’s not like it will hurt anything to have it passed.

Initiative 1082:
"This measure would permit certification of private insurers as industrial insurance insurers, and authorize employers to purchase state-mandated industrial insurance coverage through an 'industrial insurance insurer' beginning July 1, 2012."

Vote No

Why am I saying vote no? Because I know absolutely nothing about this issue, that’s why.

Initiative 1098:
"This measure would tax “adjusted gross income” above …

James Watkins vs. Jay Inslee for Washington State Representative

So I’m driving home from work on a Friday afternoon. The interstate of full of traffic as usual, and as I get closer to an overpass it gets even more backed up. When I get to the overpass I see why everyone is slowing down, because a small group of douche-bags are holding signs for James Watkins and waving flags. The next overpass… the same thing.

So, who should you vote for? Vote for Jay Inslee because James Watkins supporters cause traffic jams.

Blog Action Day - Water

It is blog action day today and the theme this year is water. It could be on clean water, water resources, or water projects of some kind. For my contributing post to this year’s theme, I’ve decide not to write, but to use images to tell a story from travels around the world.

Petitions by Change.orgStart a Petition »

New York Governor Race - Carl Paladino vs. Andrew Cuomo

Most of the recommendations this elections season will be about issue/politicians s local to us here at Monkey Central, the Pacific Northwest. But in this case I’m going to make an exception. The race for governor of New York is between Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

Paladino, has made statements like, “young children shouldn't be exposed to homosexuality.” Obviously thinking the gay will rub off on them, just like the straight rubs off on little gay children. He has also received the endorsement of the tea party.

Coumo however is not endorsed by the tea baggers, nor has he made Bigotry statements about homosexuality.

I think this is an obvious decision for New York voters… vote Andrew Cuomo.

Reichert vs. DelBene

In the first of this election seasons Cranky Monkey voter recommendations, it’s Rep. Dave Reichert (Republican) versus Suzan DelBene (Democrat).

It is the season of change, or at least that’s what various political factions are trying to tell us. Reichert has been Washington’s eight congressional district representative since 2005 and is a member of the “party of no.” According to the Washington Post Reichert has voted “with a majority of his Republican colleagues 86.3% of the time during the current Congress.”

Suzan DelBene is running on the same platform as everyone else, getting people back to work, moving away from oil dependency and into clean energy, etc. etc. So what makes her different from Reichert? Who knows, but she couldn’t be any worse.

So, the Cranky Monkey recommends Suzan DelBene for Washington’s eight congressional district. Not because of her stances on issues over his, but because Dave Reichert is avoiding debates with Suzan DelBene. One of the backbones of our democra…

Reuse and Create Jobs

I haven't had a chance to look into the source of the data in this chart, but it makes an interesting point. We think we are being enviromentally friendly by recycling, but when it comes down to it, reusing something has a much better impact on the planet. And according to this chart, it also creates more jobs.

check out for more information.

Department of Stupidity, Hopelessness and Sadism (DSHS)

It is blazingly obvious that no one is supposed to have food stamps. The government never intended for this program to actually feed anyone. It is simply there so that the bleeding hearts can sleep soundly at night and so that people like me can rip their eyes out of their sockets in a tizzy of frustration.
I began my quest for food about a month ago, knowing that the .4 teaching contract I have would not be quite enough. It is barely enough to survive. I can just eek out every bill, now that I’ve put my student loans into forbearance and reduced my calling plan to the absolute minimum possible. After every bill is paid, I am left with about $100 a month. That’s $100 for gas, food, and other necessary consumables like toilet paper. I could stop wiping my butt, but then they’d fire me from the meager job I’ve got, so that’s not the best choice.
Instead of having a smelly ass, I thought, “Hey! I’ve paid into the system for over ten years as a working individual, perhaps the system can hel…


I think they were recently cleaned. Disregarding the rust and age all over the place, the floors were wet and I’m assuming wet with water.

Good thing I was the only person in need of a sink

Yahoo Sends its Own E-Mails to SPAM

Besides the people who actually work for Yahoo, I’m probably one of about 20 people in this country who actually have a yahoo e-mail account. And I’m starting to see more and more why people have switched to gmail. Something I should do, except for I don’t want to go through the hassle of switching all my logins and have people start e-mailing me at the new address.

Anyway, besides occasionally not being able to access my yahoo account, the spam filter has got to be the worst feature of Yahoo e-mail. For example; I will occasionally add something to my Yahoo calendar, then it gives me an option of sending a reminder. One of the ways it can send me the reminder is through e-mail. Which is handy, I check my e-mail regularly and I can tell it how far in advance I want that reminder sent.

The catch to using this function is, my spam filter thinks the e-mail reminders are spam. Yep, my e-mails from the yahoo calendar reminder come in as spam to my yahoo e-mail account… Great product Yahoo, n…