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Christmas Garbage

This last year has been a big year for the environmentalist. Al Gore won the peace prize, every where you turn there are advertisements for going green, the hybrid engine is what everyone wants, and global warming is one of the big issues facing this planet. Yet, as Christmas is now less then a month away, other priorities take over the need to save the planet. We need to get to the mall and get those gifts bagged and wrapped, we need to hang the lights, and of course strap a tree to the top of that Prius to take home and decorate.

Where are the ads letting people know that all those lights use electricity, and that those trees will die and most of the time don't get recycled? Where are the people buying toys not made in China? And how much off all that crap people buy will get recycled? Here is an interesting statistic, we throw out 25% more trash from Thanksgiving to Christmas according to the Stanford recycling center . Where are the environmentalist now? I guess being an enviro…

Texas Joe the Bad Mother Fucker

There are very few things about the conservative south that I can appreciate, in fact, there is really only one I can think of at the moment; the way they deal with criminals and guns. Recently a 61 year old Texas man named Joe Horn caught a couple of people breaking into his neighbors house. The first thing Joe did was call 911. The second thing Joe did was grab his shot gun. The third thing he did was run out to confront the two guys, and shot the fuckers dead.

How many of us would do something like that? Sure we might do something if someone was breaking into our homes. But to protect a neighbors, that takes a certain level of courage/craziness, and Joe has it. Unfortunately, as you would expect some people are saying Joe should be prosecuted for shooting these guys. That he should have waited for the police and let them take care of it. Shooting these guys is no loss to society, and maybe if more people were like Joe, we'd have less crime on the streets. And as for waiting on …

Jack in the Crotch

This last weekend on the way out of town for a little trip, I was hungry for a quick breakfast, and swung through the Jack in the Box. I ordered a breakfast jack meal. This is usually a breakfast sandwich, orange juice, and those little potato sticks. After leaving the drive through, I start eating my sandwich, then got to the potato sticks only to find out that instead of the usual 4 potato sticks, they gave me 2 chicken fingers. We had two options as to what could have happened; one is the retard working thought they were potatoes and mistakenly put them in my bag, or they ran out of potato sticks and were sneaking in chicken tenders thinking people wouldn't notice. The second option is what I think happened. Not because I don't think fast food employees are total fucking retards and could mistakenly put in the wrong thing, but because Jack in the Box normally puts in 4 of the potato sticks and not 2. at least they could have been honest about it and offered me some dipping…

2 Months

I've hit the two month mark here at Microsoft, and I'm ready for another three month vacation. Sometimes it's the little things. For example; the 3rd floor mens room doesn't get hot water unless you run it for about 5 minutes, and one of the sinks hasn't had the soap refilled the entire time I've been here. But more importantly, the 3rd floor vending machine, hasn't accepted change the entire time either. It normally accepts bills but not today. Today, I'm guessing it's full of bills and can't accept anymore because no one can use change.

We can afford to spend tons of money on useless crap, but can't afford to spend money on something that will feed me and keep my hands clean. Only ten more months to go!!

That's General Terrorist to You Scumbag

Here is a funny little blurb I pulled off of Fox News. Yes, I know, what the hell am I doing reading the conservatives favorite source of spreading propaganda? Just because, that's why. Now read…

Frequent Flier
You would think a retired general who fought in two wars — has four medals for valor plus the army's top medal for service — and has a top-secret security clearance — would not have much trouble getting on a commercial airliner.

But a Denver TV station reports Major General Vernon Lewis Jr. has been delayed more than 40 times because he shares a name with a suspected terrorist on the TSA's no-fly list. General Lewis has tried to resolve the matter by going through his congressional representatives and taking part in the TSA's Traveler Redress Program. He was even sent a letter last year saying he had been cleared off the list. But the next time he flew — he was stopped again.
Says the general — "My credentials are impeccable. It burns me up to be treated like …

Go Auto, Go

Take a look at this bus and the traffic around it. As you can see it’s pretty congested, actually at this point in the picture it’s stopped, but prior to the picture it was congested. Also, look at the car behind the bus.

Prior to this image, the bus was in the left lane of traffic, and the driver decided to change into the right lane. In congested traffic like this, I can see the need to be a little aggressive, but what this bus driver actually did was just cut straight over to the right lane, while the gray car was in it. Basically the person in the gray car, had to hit his or her brakes, and swerve over to the right so as not be hit by the bus.

I can imagine the driver of the bus saying, ‘This is the way we do it in L.A. kids.”

Dangerous Donuts

The week before last a cop in Philadelphia was shot. Yes, yes, sad that a cop was shot but the reason I’m writing about it… the cop was shot in a Dunkin' Donuts. When people stereotype, it’s situations like this that create those stereotypes.

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Yippee Skippy No Prop 1

Western Washington voters, apparently read this blog and were smart about voting because it looks like Prop 1 is out. Prop 1, was proposed as the largest tax increase in the state to pay for a few miles of a light rail system, and some road improvements. A light rail system that we haven't even shown will improve traffic, and road improvements that we can guarantee won't improve traffic.

Check out the story on the Seattle PI, my favorite quote: "County Councilwoman Julia Patterson said it wasn't clear to her why voters said no" Seriously? You can't figure it out ? How about it was a butt load of money and we got nothing useful for it. Hey Julia, guess who I'm not voting for next time she's up for election. Yeah, bitches who are totally out of touch with the voters, that's who.

Lets hope that legislators spend all their time trying to come up with a new way to propose this, and fighting amongst themselves as to why it failed, instead of actually pu…

at&t Wins, Employees Still Loose

I recently posted about how at&t is getting cheaper and many other postings on the way it treats its employees. According to a recent article I found on newsvine, at&t has seen nearly a doubling in revenue since last year. They discuss the Bell south “merger” as a source, and the article also points out the increase in subscriber base due to the super popular iPhone.

What I think is interesting here is; that the company is making record profits now, yet still feels the need to be cheap when it comes to its employees. Employees at that company have some of the worst medical benefits around, they get some of the lowest salaries, and as mentioned in previous postings, they don’t even get cups in the break room.

Previously at&t management uses low revenue as the reason for many of these cuts. I wonder what excuses they are using now to keep being so employee unfriendly.

Butt Sex at The Davenport

I think the reasons republicans are so against the gays and any legislation in favor of gay rights is, they hate themselves and take that out of people who are capable of admitting to their homosexuality.

A Republican Washington state legislator Richard Curtis has decided to resign in another Republican gay sex scandal. For those of you who haven't heard, Curtis a man who is supposedly not gay, voted against every gay rights bill that came through his office; met some guy at a sex store in Spokane, took him back to his room at the fancy Davenport hotel, and shagged him. Unfortunately for him, the guy he met wanted a little money out of the deal, which Curtis didn't pay. If he was smart, he should have paid, considering the guy only wanted a thousand bucks for his participation in the butt sex. Let's look at some of the facts of the case, Curtis was the one who called the cops, and he actually admitted to meeting the guy in the sex store, and taking him back to his room. It …