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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cranky for a Reason

For anyone who has ever wondered why I am so cranky, let me tell you about my day today. Keep in mind, my day today isn’t so far off from a typical day. This morning l leave my house 30 minutes early because traffic yesterday was so bad it took me an hour and half to get to work. Today, 30 minutes earlier then usual, I hop on the highway to find, there was an accident just beyond the entrance ramp. Unfortunately, this is not obvious before I get on the highway or else I could have taken another route. After making it through the entrance ramp, I continue on to work, but by this time it’s late enough to where the rest of the way the traffic sucks as well, once again it took me an hour and half to get to work.
At work, 11:30 I decide to take a lunch, go to the cafeteria to find out there was a fire or something, a bunch of firemen are around, the cafeteria is closed till the firemen say it’s ok to re-open. After standing 10 minutes waiting I decided to drive to lunch. I work in a business campus, so it’s either the cafeteria or a drive to town for food. It also means loosing my parking spot in a very full parking lot.
I get onto the highway going to the nearest town, referred to as RTC. But guess what? Yep another accident, again I find out about till after getting on the highway. A drive that normally takes 5 minutes took over 30. And of course the exit I want is closed due to the accident and I have to take the following one, along with everyone else. Approximately 45 minutes later I make it to a Quiznos for food. I get my food to find out the lid on my cup was broken, spilling my soda all over the table I was at and a little on me. One and a half hours later (seems to be the magic number) I make it back to my desk after searching for parking.

I can’t wait till my drive home.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wash Your Hands When I’m Around, I Don’t Mind Embarrassing You

Went into the bathroom today and doing what most men do when they are in there at the urinal. A guy comes in after me and goes to do his thing. I get done, wash my hands, and on my way out the other guy is done and goes to leave right in front of me. He doesn’t wash his hands. So as we are walking out the door, me right behind him, I say, “You don’t wash your hands.” He doesn’t respond. We both walk through the door and a bunch of people around in the hall way in front of the bathroom, I yell out as he is picking up his walking speed, “you know other people touch that door knob, that’s nasty.” He continues to ignore me as he quickly walks away….

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fast Pooper

I go to the men’s room. A guy walks in at the same time as me and goes to a stall. I grab some TP, blow my nose, and then go to the urinal. No one else in the bathroom. As I’m pissing I can hear the guy breathing heaving, like he’s really working at it, no biggie right... As I’m done and heading to the sink, he’s also done and goes to the sink.

Here’s the point, he didn’t piss or if he did I couldn’t hear it, I’m assuming he was crapping and pushing at it by the sound, which means, that guy takes a seriously fast crap!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cingular Customer Service

Have you ever wondered why Cingular has such crappy customer service? Having worked many years for Cingular I can tell you.

Cingular locates its call centers in BFE, where they hire the lowest wage and educated people possible. Most anyone with an actual degree will go work somewhere else for more money.
They are union and no matter how incompetent people are, it’s almost impossible to fire them.
The information that is sent to call center reps doesn’t actually tell them how to fix problems. And it’s written so poorly even if it did tell them how to fix a problem they wouldn’t understand it. Take into consideration the same low end customer service reps are the ones who eventually get promoted and end up writing many of the processes and policies.
The tier 2 people are no different then the tier 1 people. Since they are union when a customer service rep goes to the tier 2 department they don’t really get a raise. And when they move to that department it’s not based on skill level it’s based primarily on time employed with the company.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I think anyone who knows me or who has read this blog knows I opposed the war prior to going in and still oppose the war in Iraq. I’m one of the few in this country who have been consistent in their opinion of the subject. Now having said that, I also was in the Army National Guard and during my time in the guard, if called up, I would have gone wherever they sent me, including Iraq. Why would I do this, because that’s the agreement I made when signing up. I didn’t sign anything that said I’d only fight if I agreed fighting for oil was justified, I signed saying I would do what I was told and leave the decision making up the politicians, even if I didn’t vote for them. Am I glad I’m no longer in the military to go fight? Of course I am.

Lt. Ehren Watada (article) an actual officer in the military has made the decision that he shouldn’t have to fight in the war. He says it’s because the president “lied to us about the war” Hmmmm, a politician lied, there’s a new concept!!! I don’t know why he joined the military and I don’t care. All I know is, as an officer his job is to set the example for others. And now he’s trying to get out of it by making his desertion public and a political issue in the hopes it will affect the outcome.

“Watada spoke of the "wholesale slaughter" of Iraqis and said he did not want to be a party to war crimes by serving there”. You know what Lt. as an officer you could have been in a position to influence the outcome and maybe show people all Americans aren’t war mongers and killers, you could have instilled some of that belief in the men you were to lead and the people you were supposed to protect. Instead the only thing you have done is show the soldiers over there they can’t even trust the officers in their own chain of command.

Monday, August 14, 2006

ELF Not So Bright

The Earth Liberation Front, decides to protest something, I’m assuming urban sprawl or deforestation. They burn down a house (Ecoterrorism fire victims rebuild, move on) and what? Do they think that people will suddenly stop building homes or using tress to build them? No, they do what these people did, they re-build. So what did the ELF accomplish? They helped pollute the air with the fire and they destroyed more trees since these people had to rebuild the house with the same materials as before. Great thinking ELF, what’s next you going to save the Wales by shooting them all with harpoons.

If any ELF people read this, you are complete fucking retards!!! The only things you accomplish is getting people against your cause, instead of supporting it, and you make people like me (environmentalist) want to take a wooden bat to your heads. I bet you also used a gas powered car, when pouring gas on the house to start it on fire, before going back home to your wooden built house as well… People like you are the reason other people should carry guns.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Latest Terrorist Activity and Results

Every news source and most people I know are talking about the latest terrorist attempt. Approximately 20 terrorist attempted to blow up some planes out of the U.K. bound for the U.S. the result of course being increased security and more of a pain in the ass when flying. Now they are talking about banning personal devices. Explosives can be hidden in devices, liquids

Is banning personal electronic devices, liquids, or whatever really going to prevent a terrorist from blowing up a plane? Probably not, because when it comes down to it, they will learn what they can get on a plain and will adapt. What’s next, an anal exam for each passenger as we board?

How did they catch this latest group? It wasn’t due to luggage inspections nor was it due to any actual airport security measure. It was due to police and intelligence agencies doing their jobs and catching the criminals ahead of time. This terrorist organization won and they didn’t kill a single person. Why? Because they have increased our paranoia, made us afraid to fly, and for those of us who do fly, they have made it even more of an unpleasant experience then it already is.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

MS People Smell

I’m not sure if it’s this way in all the Microsoft corporate offices but I can speak in regards the one I’m in. What I’m noticing is a large number of the employees (male employees more specifically) have serious BO. The guy who sites directly next to me consistently smells in need of a shower, some days more then others. This morning, while walking down a hall, I passed a guy who smelled so bad I almost felt the urge to gag. I just now walked through a group of people standing and talking. I couldn’t tell if it was one or more but someone needed a shower. And don’t even get me started on the bathrooms and what happens there. If you have read any previous postings you probably have a good idea.

The odd part about this that I don’t understand is, Microsoft pays pretty damn well, even its contractors are paid well. We live in America where as far as I know they don’t build houses without basic plumbing. And even worse case scenario that a persons shower breaks, Microsoft has lockers and shower facilities in many of its buildings.

Now, if you are reading this, if you stink, and if you work anywhere that involves interacting with others, take a god damn shower in the morning!!! It’s takes 10 minutes and soap is cheep and easily available at all grocery stores.

bathroom stench

You know what’s nasty? When you have to blow your nose and you go to the bathroom, go into a stall to grab some toilet paper and the stall REAKS!!!! You would think in this day and age, with the large number of people working in office complexes they could build a ventilation system to keep the bathroom stench at a minimum. I only wish my nose would have been more stuffed up now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dog Owners Who Ruin Things for Everyone Else

I recently read a totally one sided story about dog owners taking their dogs everywhere. Pet peeves: The dog who crashed the party implying pet owners with big dogs don’t control their animals.

Why is the other side of the story not told about responsible pet owners who control their animals? I agree that many pets run amuck but we shouldn’t ban all animals because of a few bad owners, we should ban the few bad owners. Personally, if taking my dog to a friends house or a party I check with the host first to make sure it’s ok, then when I do take my dog, I keep her under control at all time, usually keeping her right by my side. Also when taking her to outside seating at restaurants, I make her lay down until we are ready to leave. If more restaurants offered to allow pets in my area I guarantee they would see decent business from the owners. And like I said, if they are out of control, toss the owner along with the animal. I bet we would see an improvement in both animal and human behavior after that.