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No Trashcans Needed

I work with a bunch of full grown adults, and for some reason a large number of them are disgusting scumbags. I won’t get into the personal hygiene for this posting, I’d like to talk about the break room. It’s a typical office break room, counter with cups, and teas. We have three fancy Starbucks coffee machines that grind the coffee for people. And since it’s Microsoft, we have large coolers with free soda, juice, and little milks.

The other day, around noon I did a count of crap on the counter:

6 open milk cartons
1 empty crushed soda can
1 wet paper towel in the sink
1 full cup Styrofoam cup of coffee. It had obviously been sitting for a while
Multiple plastic stir sticks scattered in the sink and on the counter.
Various sugar and milk spills
Coffee spilt around the coffee machine
1 open milk carton, on the coffee machine

Apparently, knowing that a magic cleaning fairy comes each night to clean up, means that people don’t have to clean up after themselves…. Scumbags!

Police Academy Dropouts #17

In the never ending tales of what makes the police department a big joke, Detroit Sgt. Roosevelt Tidwell has been suspended with pay (of course) for allegedly forcing couples to perform sexual acts on one another, instead of receiving a ticket. Although I am one who believes in a person’s “innocent until proven guilty” rights, I do have issue with this person being compensated during his suspension. We of course don’t know the whole situation. It is possible the tape recording of him calling one of the women could be fake. It is possible the multiple people involved could be conspiring against him. But it is also possible, this all could be true. And this 12 year police veteran will get paid for quite a few months until his trial and conviction.

Full article on MSN

Earth Day and Microsoft

A few weeks ago I posted about Microsoft teaming up on the Live Earth Concert. The post contained a little skepticism as to Microsoft’s actual commitment to the environment. Also in that article I mentioned the Styrofoam recycling containers in the break rooms and cafeterias.
This last Sunday was Earth Day, and in promotion of Earth Day Microsoft had an article on an internal site, “10 Steps You Need to Take Now. You can do your part in helping to make Microsoft green. Here are ten steps you need to take now to help conserve energy, reduce waste, and minimize your workplace's impact on the environment.” One if the things employees can do is, “Recycle all polystyrene and aluminum, as well as white and mixed paper.” In fact this was number one.

I began to wonder about how Styrofoam/ polystyrene is recycled, this lead me to an interesting FAQ’s available to employees on the subject. I can’t add the actual link since the source of my information is internal, and I haven’t been able to …

Best Blog Ever! Vote Now!

Do you love this blog as much as I say you do? If so, prove it by going to and nominating it for something. Here are some recommendations: Best Blog of All Time – might be a stretch on this one Most Obnoxious Blogger – a lot of people consider me the most obnoxious person, so why not the blogger. Best Humor Blog – come on, I’m funny….. Worst Blog of All Time – at least I’m honest.

Sign up is quick and easy. Do it now!!!!

Police Academy Dropouts #16

As we’ve all heard by now, Monday the 16th Cho Seung-Hui, killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. Campus police received the first call at 7:15am. Shortly after 9:00am shooting started at the second location Norris Hall, and police arrived around 9:45 am, not too long before Cho Seung-Hui killed himself. Nearly three hours went by, where the police had plenty of time to react but chose to take their time.

I was listening to Adam Carolla yesterday, and he had a caller who attempted to defend the cops slow reaction. He explained how the police have rules of engagement, where they don’t know how many people are in the building, they need to secure the location, and so forth and so on. Of course, all the time while the police are following the rules, and not charging in to get the guy, people are dying.

Some of you might remember way back in 1991 at Fairchild Air force Base, Dean Mellberg went on a shooting spree killing five people and wounding 23 others before being killed by Andrew Brown. Bro…

Take Your Code of Conduct and Shove It!

With all the regulations on free speech, it was only a matter of time before people started regulating a person’s right to say whatever they want on their blog. A guy named Tim O'Reilly has proposed a “code of conduct” that he would utilized to regulate bloggers. I’ve never heard of Tim O'Reilly, but apparently a lot of other people have, because I’ve found this news on the Seattle PI as well as other news organizations. Not only have I found numerous references to it, I’ve found a surprisingly large of the references are in favor of it. Being a person who has various rants and profanities on his blog, I of course am against it, but I’ve always been against any restrictions of free speech.

I agree with Tim in principal on a couple of his items, but disagree on the level he would like to take them. For example, “Take responsibility not just for your own words, but for the comments you allow on your blog.” It’s my blog, and I should take ownership of anything I post. And anyone w…

Forgive This!!!

I read an article on Slate about Yoga, which referenced an article in Yoga Journal about forgiveness. To paraphrase the article, a woman pissed off some old boyfriend/friend, then one day decided that she needed to reconnect with this guy and receive some type of forgiveness. She tracked him down, only to find him and have him respond with, “I never want to hear from you again.” Instead of dropping it, like she should, she dwells on it. “Her interpretation: He's afraid of being hurt again. He just doesn't understand her” so forth and so on.

I’ve never been to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or any other type of rehab. But I do know, one of the things they like to do is, have people reach out to those they’ve hurt and ask for forgiveness. Why is it that a person needs to be forgiven in order to find some type of internal peace? Is your self esteem so low that it depends on others? Apparently the answer is yes.

I recently had a conversation with someone I used to know pretty well. She g…

Petition for the Reinstatement of Don Imus

I’ve never listened to the show, and probably wouldn’t like him if I did. But, I do support his right to say whatever the fuck he wants, no matter how offensive it is.

I signed with a pseudonym.

Petition for the Reinstatement of Don Imus Petition

Bad Spam

Like anyone who uses e-mail, we have all received some sort of spam at some time. There are different types, the kind that try to get you to open a link or file in order to install a virus. And there is this kind, the kind that tries to direct you a site that looks legit but in reality if phishing for personal information.

The thing that amazes me about this, besides the obvious spelling and grammar errors, is that people must actually fall for this stuff. If they didn’t make some money from some people at some point in time, people like me wouldn’t receive these kind of e-mails.

So look kid, grandma, or whoever else falls for this; nothing is free, no one is going to offer you something for free on the internet, and never open a link in an e-mail unless it’s from someone you know, and even then be cautious.

Dear CM,
I am Dr David Owolabi, it is true that we have never meet each other before and I believe that this name sounds strange to you, do not see this letter as a junk or one of the…

“Nappy-Headed Hos”

That’s right, I said it! You got a problem with that bitches! Political correctness in this country has gone way, way too far. So if you want to pull this blog from the internet, go for it. Google, if you want to pull the AdSense off the right hand column, go right ahead.

Just remember, for every over reaction to everything that happens in this country; it just moves us one step to closer to sitting at home alone because we are afraid to go outside; watching one TV station or listening to one radio show that is reading the same scrip over and over, because it’s the only one approved not to offend someone, somewhere, at some point.

Like Rush, Stern, or any other radio show, if you don’t like what someone says, don’t listen.

Blogs for Jobs

I read a news article in the paper yesterday, about employers looking at potential candidates blogs. Since I read it in the actual paper, and I don’t feel like searching for it, I’m not going to provide the link to the story.

The point of the article, was about how some employers these days are reading blogs and based on that persons blog, they might offer them a job. Or in some cases, turn them down for the job because of the blog. The idea being, it provides an insight into that person, writing skills, hobbies, etc.

Since my job consists of project management in various tech fields, and with my contract ending soon at this one, it got me thinking that potential employers might come across this blog. Oh, what a treat they will be in for! Swearing, exclamation points, spelling and grammar errors, what’s wrong with large corporations, what’s wrong with politics, and what’s wrong with our legal system, this blog has it all.

For those potential future interviewers out there… If you are the …

The Apple iRack

Watch and enjoy

The Apple iRack

Easter Chick

This was sent to me in honor of the easter holiday this Sunday.

Roll the Vote

If you are like my and can’t stand all the commercials, office talk, and news reports on American Idol, then let’s take that joke of a show and make it even funnier. Vote for the worst, is a site set up for that purpose, and this year they picked Sanjaya. I haven’t watched the show this season but from what I hear, he’s not that great of a singer.

If you are like me and have gotten pissed when a show you want to watch isn’t on, because Idol is being shown three nights a week, then help show the world what a joke the show really is.

Check out these sites:

Police Academy Dropouts #15

This Monday a woman was killed by an ex-boyfriend stalker. One of her co-workers is quoted as saying, “She did everything she could to put him away, meaning that she went to the police”. She moved, changed numbers, warned security at the place she worked. The guy even had a warrant for his arrest on drunk driving charges. And according to some statements, was wanted in the U.K.

The police during this whole time, were nowhere to be seen, as usual. I realize that a person has rights up to a point, but the guy did actually have a warrant for his arrest. The guy called her regularly and knew her work location. How freaken hard would it be to take a cop of traffic duty for a couple days and have him hang out at her office. I realize the city would lose a few bucks in traffic income, but shouldn’t “protect” be just a little higher priority, over “serve” traffic tickets. Read full PI article

Got Gas

In honor of the $2.99 I paid per gallon of gas last night, and the expectation that it will be much higher this summer.