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A Tough Dilemma

So this friend of mine was telling me about this tough issue their family is dealing with. They recently found out that a person can only own so many vacation homes in the U.S. without being penalized by the government. That’s right, they are so rich that the government is getting on them about owning to many homes. I’m guessing the 6,000 square foot vacation cabin, for two people, they just built in Idaho must have pushed them over the limit. In order to solve this dilemma they did what most people do, they created a LLC and put a bunch of the homes in a business name. But it turns out this has created another issue for them. Since a couple of the homes are in a business name, they have to pay additional insurance on the house my friend lives in. I’m not sure why, but now they are going to have to pay an extra two hundred a month in order to keep vacation homes all over the country.

Stories like this sure make me feel better about my 1,200 square foot condo in ghetto Everett. Problems…

Screw FedEx Up Its Corporate Butt

I’ve started to notice a pattern when it comes to having items shipped to my house, and that pattern is that FedEx is a fucked up company, that can’t do shit right! Some of you might recall my posting on June 13th about a fun experience with them. Now I’ve got another one. I recently order some archival quality DVD’s made by a company called MAM-A, through Amazon. Amazon uses FedEx for delivery. The order was placed on August 10th. On the 22nd it dawned on me that they hadn’t arrived yet. I logged on to Amazon’s site then to FedEx’s site to check the status. On the 16th of August they tried to deliver but apparently didn’t have the correct apartment number for my condo. So instead of trying to contact me, they took it back to the FedEx facility and it has been sitting there ever since.

First of all, when I placed the order through Amazon I gave them the correct address. And when reviewing it on the site, they have the correct address. I’ve ordered from them before at this same address …

Thanks Comcast

I finally managed to get rid of my crappy roommate last November, and in the process, decided to cut cost and save a few bucks by canceling the cable. I realized that I spent way too much time vegging and flipping through the channels, when I could be spending my time more creatively. I was too attached and needed to break away. Besides, I still had a DVD player and a Netflix subscription.

In calling to cancel the service I pretended I was moving in with someone and didn’t need it anymore, so as to avoid listening to the keep me as a customer sales pitch. You know the kind; let’s make a deal, what it would take to continue service, etc. After hanging up the phone I felt great. I had set the cancellation date for that following week and was ecstatic. Soon, I would be spending my evenings practicing the guitar, or working on that great American novel I’ve always talked about, or actually using my brain in the ways they did back in the days prior to TV.

As the week timed down and the cance…

Microsoft Bubble

I’ve decided to coin a new term, “Microsoft Bubble”. First I want to clarify what I mean by this, it’s not the bubble in the sense of “housing bubble” or “economic bubble”. The bubble I am referring to is that imaginary bubble we all have around us. The bubble that says this is my space. Most of us can respect the bubble, yet can still see that there is a world outside of the bubble. Microsoft employees on the other hand, have a hard time with the world outside of the bubble. Obviously this doesn’t mean all MS employees; I would say the “Microsoft Bubble” applies to about 80% of the employees.

It’s getting to the end of summer and I’m considering doing another contract at Microsoft, and have been thinking about what a joy it is to work there. How a Microsoft employee can be having a conversation, heating lunch in the break room, standing or walking yet not acknowledge that people are in their vicinity.

One morning I was heading to the elevator. There were four people getting on…

The I-Bill

A friend sent me this one. No wonder they can’t pay their employees a decent wage, they have to cover the expense of shipping bills.

Dude, Eat it Quick!

Finally a cop does something useful. Actually he’s an ex cop, and it’s not so much providing a service as it is, making a few extra bucks. Barry Cooper a former narcotics officer put together, a “Never Get Busted Again” video.

According to a quote on MSN, “The nation’s fight against drugs is a waste of resources. Busting marijuana users fills up prisons with nonviolent offender” He’s saying what I and many others have been saying for years, let’s stop wasting money on this bull shit war on drugs, legalize some of it, and spend the money and resources where they are really needed, like invading middle east countries.

Take this Corn Dog and Shove it

The food industry pisses me off sometimes. For example; if I buy a corndog and want to make some french fries with it, I more or less have to cook them separately. The corn dog has to be cooked at 375, while the french fries are cooked at 450. WTF people, can’t you geniuses come up with a way so that we consumers can prepare these items at the same time? It’s not like everyone in the country has two separate ovens for cooking! My options are cook separately, or set the oven at 400 and try compromise cooking, which usually results on the food not coming out right. So get with it Oscar Mayer and Ore-ida, set up a conference call and work this shit out. Oh, and the people who came up with 10 buns in the bag and 8 hot dogs, you do the same….

Police Academy Dropouts #20

I haven’t posted in a while about my hate/hate relationship with the police department. Here is an article I found in the Seattle PI (How far is too far for vice cops patrolling Seattle strip clubs?). Basically, a bunch of cops are getting harped on about being overly aggressive when trying to bust strippers. What pisses me off here is; our tax dollars are going to the cops salary, our tax dollars are providing them with the money for lap dances, and our tax dollars are going to prosecuting these people!

Give me a break, they can’t actually catch thieves and rapist, they can’t catch real criminals, so instead they go after easy targets. Plus, they get a lap dance out of the deal. You know what? If a stripper wants to make a little extra cash on the side, let her! Honestly, it’s her choice, she’s not being forced, and if people want to pay for it, let them. Big freaken deal!

I have an idea “Law Man” why don’t you get off the stripper couch, and do something useful! You know, like catch…

Cowboys are Beer Pussies!

I've taken a couple trips over to eastern Washington lately, I've been to Texas in the past, and I've visited various small towns and red states throughout my life. One thing I've noticed when going into a bar and asking what's on tap, the response is usually, "Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light, Miller," etc. If I'm lucky they might have Alaskan Amber, or some other brew on a single tap. One of the things about living in the Seattle is the beer selection. When I go to a bar here, it's usually microbrews or other beers with flavor. This has resulted in a certain taste for beer, and that certain taste means when I go rural, and my choices are domestic crap beer, I usually end up drinking hard alcohol. Now, I don't mind drinking hard alcohol but it does make me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people. Why do Texan's for example; who think their state does everything better and bigger than everyone else, drink stuff that taste like chilled …