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More Proof of Moore The Molester

So Roy Moore has said that he doesn't know Debbie Wesson Gibson. So then, how is it he sent her a Christmas card in his own hand writing?

Read more on Moore at The Washington Post

Top Receivers of Oil and Gas Campaign Donations

You might not be surprised at all to find that the party of climate change denial receives the top 19 out of 20 campaign donations by the oil and gas industry.

Top 20 RecipientsRankCandidateOfficeAmount1Ryan, Paul (R-WI)House$369,4152Heitkamp, Heidi (D-ND)Senate$216,4283Barrasso, John A (R-WY)Senate$214,8504Walden, Greg (R-OR)House$189,8005McCarthy, Kevin (R-CA)House$189,7506Brady, Kevin (R-TX)House$174,0007Cornyn, John (R-TX)Senate$151,6098Cramer, Kevin (R-ND)House$148,4509Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT)Senate$141,50010Wicker, Roger (R-MS)Senate$129,85011Strange, Luther (R-AL)Senate$129,45012Scalise, Steve (R-LA)House$125,87513Shuster, Bill (R-PA)House$120,66214Heller, Dean (R-NV)Senate$113,600

PayPal Has a Terrible Security Feature

So check out this great and well thought out design to "Protect my account" by Pay Pal.

I was trying to send someone an invoice but couldn't access my PayPal account because I was traveling. Many companies have features so that when accessing an account from a different location they want to verify it is the actual customer. A fraud feature.

However PayPal didn't bother to really think this through. I tried to follow the process for verification but it wanted to contact my work phone for verification. Think about this, the verification process, the only option they provided me was to call the phone of my office. I  WAS TRAVELING. So, I called customer service from another country at 1.99 per minute. After a 10 minute call where all she did was reset my password. But she didn't actually solve the verification problem. I was then put on hold for another 5 before I had to hang up due to reaching 30.00 in call fees. Which of course they won't offer to pay me bac…

More Big Government by the Party of Small Government

It is always interesting to talk to conservatives about one of the things they vote for, which is small government and reduced spending. Yet, whenever the Republicans are in control of the government, as they are now, spending goes up, the national dept goes up, and still they are supposed to be the party of conservatism. And oddly we haven't heard much from the cut spending Republican media and voters lately.

For example the latest budget "CONGRESS SENDS TRUMP $700 BILLION MILITARY SPENDING BILL" They are increasing spending on the largest areas that the government spends money on all ready. In 2016 we were spending about 600 billion and now they want to add another 100 billion. In comparison the government spends 19 billion on NASA.

Where are all the tea-party voters now? You remember those windbags in the Obama era that were complaining about rising dept and increased government spending. They voted a bunch of Republicans into office that were supposed to be fiscally…

Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein

In this episode we discuss our annoyance that Hollywood is just now doing something about Harvey Weinstein

Hurricanes? Nope, Let's Talk Healthcare Repeal

Over the last month we have had four massive hurricanes hit land, so when most people are thinking what can we do to help people, or even perhaps that climate change is real, leave it up to the republicans to not care. Instead of focusing on the devastation, the death, the millions in damage they are working on repealing Obamacare again. Yep, republicans this week are working on a bill called the Graham-Cassidy health care bill.

Republicans are like a bulldog who refuse to give up on a bone. It's like, "look over here boy I've got this squeaky toy."  And the dog just bites harder on the old bone refusing to let go.

I 've this quote - "You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn't be considered," Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley told local reporters, according to The Des Moines Register. "But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That's pretty much as …

Neglected Pony Is Totally Transformed By A Little Love

David Lynch: The Art Life Review

Watching the documentary David Lynch: The Art Life is reminiscent of watching a David Lynch film. It is a bit off-putting and you leave the theatre feeling exhausted, not fully knowing what you just watched, but better for having watched it. The Art of life is a simply documentary showing us the upbringing of Lynch through old images and home movies as Lynch talks us through his life through voice over.
Directors Jon Nguyen and Rick Barnes doing an excellent job of showing us a side of Lynch we have seen before but never really knew we saw and that is his life as an artist. Not an artist in the aspect we know such as filmmaker but painting, crafting, and molding art.
Throughout the film we see Lynch work in his home studio as he tells us how he first began his craft as an artist even before he knew that is what he wanted to be. As a child he tells us a story about a naked woman wondering the streets of his childhood neighborhood reflecting the image of Isabella Rosaline that we see …

800 Billion and Growing

We have now been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years and thanks to the recent announcement by Trump we will be there longer. The US government so far has spent $800 billion dollars on the war. A number that will keep going up.  "More than 2,200 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan, as well as thousands of allied forces. Tens of thousands of Afghan civilians and military have also died in the conflict." according to CNN

Hmmm, how could $800 billion dollars be more well spent?

NASA's budget is $18.5 billion so we could have massively expanded that and might have people walking  mars by now if we had spent 16 years focused on exploration. The national debt is $19 trillion dollars, so we could have paid a bit of that. US Debt ClockWe could expand healthcare to Americans. Help people instead of kill them. I know it's against the ideals of American but something to consider. cleanup some of the 1322 superfund sites in the US. 
The list could go on but why bother. This …

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a blunt message for Nazis

The No Budget Drinking Game

Play the No Budget Drinking game. Yep, we have noticed things we do to repeat ourselves so we might as well make some fun out of it. 

Please know your limits! No Budget and this blog does not recommend the consumption of alcohol for this game. In fact if you chose to drink alcohol for this drinking game, then you are responsible for knowing your own limits and No Budget is in no way responsible for your bad decisions as a result of consuming alcohol.

Where is North Korea

Ever wonder where North Korea is? Since it is in the news with the political rhetoric by the current president Occupy Democrats went out and ask a few people who are in favor of a war with North Korea as to where it actually is. This is what they found out

I'ts a funny joke that people don't know where it is, I'm not going to fault them for that. What this does show is a lack of knowledge on the whole issue of what's going on what North Korea.

Silver Screen Presents - King Arthur and Star Wars Turns 40

In our first go at turning a podcast into an animated series we discuss King Arthur legend of the sword and Star Wars reaching 40 years.

Republicans Fail Again to Repeal The Affordable Care Act

And yet again the Republican attempt to repeal the affordable care act and yet again they fail. But Don't let yourself think it's over, after all, this is only the 50 something attempt over the past 7 years to take healthcare away from people in order to give tax breaks to the rich. They will keep trying and eventually it might actually happen. 
I don't know about you, but I sure am glad my tax dollars have been getting spent paying their salaries to continue to talk about and vote on this repeal. Maybe they should take a break and vote themselves a pay raise for all the hard work they have been doing. It has been a few years since they last gave themselves a raise.

How Trump Laundered Money For The Russian Mafia

The Senate Releases Its Version of the Health-Not-Care Bill

We now know why the senate Republicans didn't want anyone to know about what was in their bill, because they are cutting just about everything to give themselves tax break.

Personally that doesn't impact me since I'm not on Medicaid, but those Republican voters in the red states that voted these people into office, say goodbye to some of your heath coverage... I guess that's what happens when you don't give any real thought into the people you vote for. Suckers!

Let's break down the 50th attempt at repealing the AHCA by the Republicans.

Allows insurers to charge older people up to 5 times as much as youngerMassive tax break for the rich, to be paid for by cuts into Medicaid. No more funding for planned parenthood. This means no more birth control, no more medical care, no more prenatal care.  Don't like the requirement that you need to have health insurance? Under the Republican plan. The tax penalty for not having health insurance would be dropped. Now, an…

Message for Donald Trump from Former Mexican President Vicente Fox

To bad he can't run for president in the US. I would totally vote for him simply based on this video.

Doctor Who Drinking Game

Whenever you hear the Tardis Whenever a Dalek says, "Exterminate" Whenever the Dr. uses the sonic screwdriver Whenever the Dr says "run" Whenever anyone says, "he's the doctor" Whenever the Doctor uses his psychic paper (fake ID) Whenever the Doctor and companion encounter a famous person from history (ex. Agatha Christie)

Google Views Supporting Free Speech as Hate Speech

Back in January of 2015 I did a blog post in support of Charlie Hebdo. You might recall the situation, the magazine had a cover depicting Mohammad and as a result a crazy person shot up the magazines office.

My blog post was this, "In light of recent events I feel need to add my support to France and freedom of speech in the right against extremism." 
I then posted the magazines image. 

With the text, "The more you extremest try to tell us what we can not do, the more we will do it..."
The page as received a massive 408 page views since it was posted to today. Two days ago I received the below from Google basically referring to my supportive post as something that:
Threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others; Harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals; Incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, vete…

Macron Wins

And in some oddly good news, Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election in France over the crazy-assed right-winger Marine Le Pen. Good job of learning from the mistakes of the UK and the US France.

Old People Vote Against Themselves

It's an odd thing about voting in America. The older you are the less likely you are to vote in your best interest. For example the Republicans usually get votes by older Americans. In the last election 53% of the people over 45 voted for Trump.

And now that Republicans are in control of all branches of government the healthcare bill includes these items:
Loosen the age-band so insurers can charge older folks more. Under Obamacare, insurers could only charge older enrollees three times more than younger policy holders. The GOP bill would widen that band to five-to-one, which would hike premiums for those in their 50s and early 60s, but reduce them for younger folks.
End enhanced federal funding for Medicaid expansion. It would also end the enhanced match rate for Medicaid expansion for new enrollees starting in 2020. Those already in the program could stay as long as they remain continuously insured. States that have not already expanded would not be allowed to do so, starting imme…

Trumps War Budget

What first caught my attention about this article by is the title, "Trump’s budget vision would transform America into war-obsessed, survival-of-the-fittest dystopia"What they did is look at his proposed budget that would increase the Pentagons budget to $56 billion dollars a year and pay for the increase in spending by cutting the budget for everything else. Because if there is one thing America needs it's a larger military to invade other countries with and less spending on domestic issues. After all, it worked so well for Soviet era Russia.  
The article is an interesting read as to what we can expect if Trump gets everything he wants, which he probably will with the Republicans in congress.

The League Drinking Game

Whenever someone takes a drink of alcohol Whenever Taco sings a song Whenever someone gets hit in the nuts Whenever someone swears Whenever someone says "balls deep" Whenever Andre makes a unintentional reference to something in his butt Whenever Ruxin says "collusion" Whenever someone says Shiva's full name, "Shivakamini Somakandarkram" Whenever someone shows their "vinegar strokes face" Add any time someone references "three penis wine"

Bernie Sanders' Response To Trump's Speech To Congress


Older Americas Get Screwed in Republican Health Bill

I love how Republicans vote against there best interest in each election, never learn the lesson, and then do it again. The republicans just released the proposed replacement to the Affordable Care Act. In the new bill they would allow insurance companies to charge older workers health insurance premiums five times as much as younger ones. Under the ACA  insurance companies are limited to charging the oldest customers only three times the prices charged to the youngest ones.
Douch-bag Trump received more votes from the over 45 crowd than Clinton did. No surprise there, most elections the older you are the more likely you are to vote Republican over Democrat. So when you old Republican voters start to see the amounts you pay go up, well, you only have yourselves to blame.   
To spell this out for a few of the older voters, by voting in a Republican majority you are now allowing them to make your heath insurance more costly. 
Read more about it here... 

Men's Room Etiquette Rule #4 - Wash When You Are Done


Archer Drinking Game

When someone gets shot When someone drinks When someone starts a sentence with "He said," or "She said." When someone swears - bleeped or not bleeped When someone has sex - Two drinks if it involves people of the same sex When someone references Lana's huge hands or feet When Malory uses Archer's full name "Sterling Malory Archer" When Archer says, "Danger Zone" Whenever Lana loses an article of clothing

Men's Room Etiquette - Hang Up The Phone


Men's Room Etiquette Rule #2 - No Talking


What Trump Voters Need to Hear

Where Were All the Women in November?

It is interesting to note that with inauguration day this weekend that we have since seen protesters all over the world, mostly women, protesting President Trump. I'm curious where all these women were before he was elected? Yes, there were some protests before he was elected but not to this number? 

If millions of women and a few men were out this week protesting him, how many of these women actually voted this year? In fact in the United States the ratio of women to men his higher, with approximately 51% women to 49% men. And in key states like Florida it is  51.1% women to 48.9% male, according to the 2010 census. So women, if you suddenly care so much where were you?
I would imagine that a large number of these protesters did in fact vote, as political activists, but it would be interesting to know how many didn't. As a male who voted for Hillary, I am a bit annoyed at all these women who didn't vote and are now suddenly against the pussy grabbing, multiple times marr…

Star Trek Beyond Review

I should start by saying their might be spoilers in this review but that is under the assumption that something happens in this movie that isn't totally predictable and hasn't already been done before.
The movies starts with a joke. Not an action moment of much, but a low quality CGI moment between Kirk and a new race. But I knew what I was getting into when I decided to go see this movie. Which is low quality action. From there we have a touching moment between Kirk and Bones and a nice moment with Spock and the films acknowledging the passing of Leanord Nemoy.
Of course, this is supposed to setup the emotional story arc of the film. Instead it turns into a typical CGI filled action flick that rotates and rotates more from one scene to the next. Watching this movie is like riding a roller coaster for hours! Of course they have to cut to the Jason Born inspired  shaky camera extreme close-up fight scenes as everything rotates into the same movie tropes we have become to exp…

Impressive Attempted E-Mail Scam

I received an email from this guy Mike Browning ( with a request for photography at a wedding anniversary. I often get requests for event photography services, I am a photographer after all. So I reply asking for more information on what he is after, I sent him a quote.
He then replies with this:
The price is fine by me and I’m ready to make full payment of the service now with my credit card so I can be rest assured the date is secured for the event.
I need you to render me a favor regarding the event planner that is handling the event for me. The favor is that the event planner is currently not authorized to accept credit card so I want you to help coordinate his fee on my card along with your payment.
I will give you my card to charge for your service and the event planner fee (You will charge your fee then charge an additional €2,550 for the event planner), As soon as you charge it through and it approves you will forward it to him so everything can be set …

Men's Room Etiquette Rule #1 - Space

Tips for appropriate behavior when using the men's room. In this tip, we provide advice on spacing between you and the next guy.

4Team Corp Sync2 Review

Last year I bought this service from a company called 4Team that allows people using outlook to sync email calendars with the software. It worked okay and cost 40 bucks at the time and included one year of support. 
I'm assuming you can see where this is going. 
So I used the product for a year with no issues and then bought a new computer. I went to move everything to the new computer and of course wasn't able to activate the software. Thinking I simply needed to deactivate it on the old computer I contacted support.

Me : Hi. i'm moving from one computer to another and when i enter my activation code i get an error that the activation has failed. I'm assuming this means it needs to be deactivated on the old computer in some way?
Support: Please hold on, I will transfer you to our sales department as they are dealing with activations. You will not need to retype your query. Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator. Support 2 :As I can see fro…